At NTT DATA Group, we hold a photo contest with photos submitted by group employees and their families from around the world.
From the photos submitted for the contest, we created screensavers by selecting the best photos to be used by many people in their homes and offices.

You can check the time of your favorite cities from around the world simultaneously using the world clock function (you may select five cities).
This function also supports daylight savings time.

Enjoy the many photos from all parts of the world using this screensaver!

  • *Downloading the NTT DATA Original Screensaver means you accept the terms of the “Software license agreement”. Please make sure to read the “Software license agreement” when using the screensaver. We ask for your kind understanding.

NTT DATA Original Screensaver (2014 edition)

Operating Environment and Settings

Recommended Operating Environment

2014 edition

  • If using Windows: supports Windows XP/Vista/7
  • If using Macintosh: supports MacOS 10.5-10.8
  • Flash Player ver.10.0.0 or higher


Operating procedures and menu item names may differ depending on the system environment. Please refer to your computer’s manual, help section, etc., regarding detailed operating procedures.

Windows Version Installation

Once you have decompressed (unzipped) the downloaded file, double click on [NTT DATA_SS(win).exe] to automatically install. Check using “Display Properties” in the screensaver selection screen in the control panel.

Mac Version Installation

Once you have decompressed (unzipped) the downloaded file, double click “ScreenSaverInstaller” in the [NTT DATA_SS(mac).app¥Contents¥MacOS] folder to automatically install. Check using the screensaver selection screen under “Desktop & screen saver” in “System Preferences”.

World Clock and Calendar Specifications

2014 edition

  • Information regarding holidays for each city will not be displayed, as the software uses a globally shared calendar.
  • The time on the world clock is calculated using your computer’s clock information. Accordingly, if your computer’s clock is not correct, the displayed time may differ from the actual time. Please refer to your computer’s manual for your computer’s clock settings.
  • The start/end time of daylight savings time differs for each country and city. However, this software adjusts the time using 12AM of the daylight savings start date and 1AM of the end date for all countries and cities.
  • All settings related to daylight savings time is based on the system as of January 1, 2014.
  • We do not guarantee operation after specification changes in third party software such as the OS, FlashPlayer, etc.
  • Photos are displayed randomly every time.
  • The light spots on the world map are taken from each time zone.