Message from the President

The NTT DATA Group is making
great strides developing business services
and global operations as it fulfills
its vision of being Global IT Innovator.
The Group’s broad spectrum of employees provides
a diverse range of localized
IT services to clients around the world.


Our Way

Today’s business world is evolving faster than ever
in Japan and across the globe.
As a company and as individuals,
we think through what we do, act differently
and transform our business to drive better future for NTT DATA.
Mission and Vision statements serve as a guide
to achieve our aspirations.

Our WayOur Way
Our WayOur Way


Chronological list of past activities,
and awards received by our products and services.

Dawn of data
communication services
From establishment of DATA Communications
Bureau in Nippon Telegraph and Telephone
Public Corporation to business development on
building social infrastructure and computer
mainly in Japan.
Establishment of
NTT DATA Communications
Systems Corporation
The creation and expansion of new markets by
the system development for public, financial
and industrial sector.
Being a pioneer in Japan to introduce the
technology of IC card and Virtual shopping
mall, which is now commonly used, building a
foundation of current convenience and comfort
of life.
From enhanced
to businessexpansion
to abroad
In addition to the enhancement of domestic
alliances in collaboration with customers IT
department, an aggressive expansion and
technology development to overseas by M&A.


We keep creating new values in our society
and contribute to the growth
and continuity of whole society
through utilizing information technology.
Proposing a new mechanism
and value by the use of IT,
we aim to further step to develop together
with our customers.


Challenging public concerns

Nursing care support services
that utilize the communication robot

NTT DATA considers to provide a service for solving the problems of aging society with recognition of the status of people and environment, rather than the robot itself.
Therefore, we are promoting the research and development of cloud robotics platform that is able to handle the collected data in an integrated manner.
Taking advantage of this research, we demonstrate experiment to verify the feasibility of nursing care support services at a special nursing home for the elderly in Nishi-Tokyo City, Tokyo, utilizing the communication robot "Sota (tm)" of Vstone Co., Ltd.

Demonstration experiment aimed at
alleviating traffic congestion

For the realization of smart city, NTT DATA is working on the development of large-scale and high-speed traffic simulation technology utilizing big data from traffic. In Jilin City of China in 2014, and Exeter City of United Kingdom in 2015, we have conducted a demonstration experiment for alleviating traffic congestion, using traffic simulations based on GPS data. Putting the solution to mitigate traffic congestion into practical use in the future, combined the traffic simulation with traffic signal control technology, we aim to realize smart city through expansion into Japan and every country around the world.

New consortium drives forward congestion-busting project for Exeter
The Digital Archiving Project
of the Vatican Apostolic Library

The Vatican Apostolic Library was founded in the middle of the 15th century by Pope Nicholas V Parentucelli and today contains items that span more than 2,500 years of history and numerous fields of human knowledge. NTT DATA is contributing to the Library's digitization of its vast collection of manuscripts, helping to make these treasures of mankind more widely available and known, both now and in the future. If you're looking for a global partner with innovative IT solutions that bring value to people, NTT DATA is for you.


Advanced Technology

NTT DATA Technology Foresight

NTT DATA captures a future trend and changes centering on 4 points of view by political, economic, social and technological way, and annually creates “Information Society Trend” and “Technology Trend”.
Advanced technology, such as day-to-day evolving AI (artificial intelligence), brings a big change in the business environment in recent years.
Based on our Technology Foresight, we are committed to develop technology and service that anticipates changes in the business environment, and are aiming for the betterment of society by depicting a future vision and achieving it together with our customers.

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NTT DATA Uses Smart Shirt to Collect
Driver's Bio-Info during IndyCar Races

NTT DATA collected lectrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate and electromyogram (EMG) data from a driver in a series of tests conducted during INDYCAR Series. The driver wore a special garment incorporating hitoeR, a functional material which acts as a sensor, capturing biosignals from the heart and muscles of the driver as well as other information from the vehicles.
Such data will be further analyzed and visualized with the aim of enabling drivers to enhance performance and train effectively. The data also are expected to have the potential to contribute to the prevention of accidents during the race.

NTT DATA Uses Smart Shirt to Collect Driver's Bio-Info during INDYCAR Races

Research and Development

Analyzing the trend of politics,
economy, society and technology,
we interview many experts of various fields,
in addition to NTT DATA Group
in Japan and overseas,
NTT R&D laboratories,
collect a wide range of information
and make discussion.
Focus Fields of Research and Development