Technologies evolve at breakneck speeds in the IT services industry. For this reason, innovation management and intellectual property protection are important to maintaining competitiveness. Moreover, intellectual properties must be utilized strategically to sculpt a competitive climate that is advantageous to one’s company. This is especially true in service fields, where the effects of networking can quickly lead to the creation of oligopolies.

NTT DATA’s Basic Policies

Adopting the perspective of customers and based on the issues faced by society and businesses, NTT DATA conducts surveys and investigations on various trends. Specifically, we focus on the near-future information society trends that are expected to have a substantial influence on customer businesses over the medium to long term as well as the technology trends that lie at the base of these trends. The findings of these activities are compiled in the NTT DATA Technology Foresight report, released annually. The trends described in these reports are incorporated into management strategies and utilized to guide forward-looking technological development ventures as well as efforts to co-create businesses together with customers.

In particular, we analyze political, economic, social, and technological trends. We also engage in wide-ranging information collection activities and discussions that extend to NTT DATA Group companies as well as NTT R&D laboratories in Japan and overseas. These activities include interviews with external specialists in various fields.

Through these activities, we have identified 58 core issues warranting particular attention in social and business fields as well as 237 groundbreaking technologies that are evolving and spreading with remarkable speed. Extrapolating from these, we have defined four information society trends and eight technology trends, which we are transmitting information on.

Focus Field 1-Software Engineering

NTT DATA aims to utilize the automated software development tool TERASOLUNA*1 for all projects to which it can be applied. As such, we have doubled the number of specialist support organizations tasked with furthering its penetration. TERASOLUNA Reengineering, which automates the specification analysis of existing systems, has already been applied to approximately 30 projects. In addition, usage of the TERASOLUNA ViSC v1.6 automated development tool has been extended to over 80 different projects.

Furthermore, TERASOLUNA Suite, which links the various TERASOLUNA automated tools, has been employed in over 200 projects, leading to the realization of high-quality, rapid system development.

Focus Field 2-Advanced Technology

We have realized practical application of translation services for technical documents utilizing the automatic translation engine platform for building statistical machine translation systems among multiple languages developed by NTT. Furthermore, in cooperation with social welfare service corporation Tokyo Seishinkai and general incorporated association Universal Accessibility Evaluation Organization, we have begun verification testing of nursing care services utilizing communication robots, which perform communication using ICT systems to provide various services, for senior assisted living centers.

Focus Field 3-IT Base Technology

In order to accelerate the use of open-source software (OSS), we are taking a leadership role in advancing the activities of the OSS development community. As one facet of these efforts, we conducted in-house development of functions for use in mission critical system functions and reflected these in OSS source code. This was done with the aim of responding to the needs of corporations to handle large quantities of data. Moreover, we produced the first Japanese committers (main developers) in projects related to the Apache Hadoop OSS framework.

Furthermore, leveraging the accumulated know-how concerning the application of OSS, the Company has further built upon its track record of incorporating OSS databases into large-scale systems. In addition, we presented past examples of the utilization of PostgreSQL databases in large-scale systems at PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2014.

In addition, we hold lectures and exhibitions related to NTT DATA Technology Foresight as part of our efforts to formulate and utilize a near-future outlook for information society trends and IT-related technology trends. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015, these activities were conducted at ITpro Expo and other domestic events as well as at international events, such as The Open golf championship and the Gartner Symposium. In addition, we began conducting Co-Creation Workshops as a new initiative during the fiscal year. A total of six workshops were held with the aim of using trend information to co-create new businesses together with customers. Furthermore, 67 private seminars were convened with customers, and we also released NTT DATA Technology Foresight 2015, the latest version of our IT trends report. NTT DATA also undertook measures to strengthen R&D activities at overseas bases. For example, we participated in AIME, a project designed to help give form to the Industrie 4.0 concept, an academia-industry collaboration promoted by the German government. At the same time, the Company commenced R&D ventures aimed at utilizing advanced technologies to improve the efficiency of manufacturing lines.


  • *1TERASOLUNA is currently offered only in Japan.