Environmental Activities

The NTT DATA Group’s environmental initiatives include not only the basics, such as saving paper, cutting back on waste and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (i.e., electricity consumption) but also an environmental orientation in our development of information systems. Our goal is to continually lessen the environmental impact of our hardware as we develop systems that yield environmental benefits by shortening running time and minimizing the movement of people and things.

Environmental considerations in conducting business, and adherence to laws relating to the environment, are all part of our environmental policies, outlined here.

Read about the frameworks we’ve put in place to support our ongoing and systematic efforts to protect the environment: our three priorities, our organizational framework, and our environmental targets.

We’ve undertaken a wide variety of educational programs and implemented group-wide environmental activities to enhance employees’ awareness and understanding of environmental issues.

Our efforts to protect the environment begin at the supply-procurement stage. We are committed to using goods and services with a relatively low environmental impact.

See how far NTT DATA and Group companies have progressed in acquiring ISO 14001 certification.

We received third-party verification of GHG emissions.

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