Hands-on Career Education for Middle School Students

Experiencing Tomorrow’s IT Society and Actual Work

In conjunction with our efforts to “nurture the next generation” and contribute to the local community, NTT DATA offers hands-on career education centered on middle schools in the Koto ward of Tokyo. The program exposes middle-school students to the IT society of tomorrow through close-up observation of cutting-edge systems, as well as through job shadowing in the workplace.

Toyosu Festa

Interacting with the Local Community

NTT DATA has since 2006 been a participant in Toyosu Festa, a community event held in the Toyosu district of Tokyo’s Koto ward, which is home to NTT DATA headquarters. Our booth offers fun activities for people of all ages, from digital coloring books using the Suisai paint application to kendama (ball-and-cup game) workshops.