Intranet Charity Auction

International Cooperation Funded by an In-House Auction

NTT DATA, in response to a voluntary initiative from the employees, launched a project called “Christmas Presents for the World’s Underprivileged Children” in 1996. Currently, we have an in-house charity auction website, “NTT DATA Presents Charity Auction,” which features items contributed by employees.

At the same time, we set up boxes for contributions, and when combined with the profits from the auction, the contributions add up to several hundreds of thousands of yen. These funds help support recovery efforts in countries such as Afghanistan through specific non-profit organizations.


Supporting Healthy Eating in Company Cafeterias and School Lunches in Developing Countries

NTT DATA company cafeterias in the Tokyo area have, since November 2008, participated in the “TABLE FOR TWO” program. For each meal purchased from the smaller-portion, low-calorie “TABLE FOR TWO” menu, we contribute 20 yen to the TABLE FOR TWO organization, which in turn donates to countries in need. That 20 yen covers the cost of a child’s school meal in a developing country.

The program provides children in the developing world with nutritious school meals while encouraging our employees to reduce their caloric intake, which can improve their overall health and prevent such disorders as metabolic syndrome.

Click below to visit the TABLE FOR TWO website and learn more about the program.

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers

To encourage our employees to use their IT skills and knowledge to contribute to the global community, NTT DATA has an arrangement that allows them to keep their status as employees while participating in the Japan International Cooperation Agency’s Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. Participating employees have been deployed to countries such as the Philippines and Ethiopia, generally as systems development engineers or technical advisors for information and communications.