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The Interior Of Vatican Apostolic Library

The Digital Archiving Project of the Vatican Apostolic Library

The Vatican Apostolic Library has commissioned a project to create an online digital archive to preserve its manuscripts for future generations. This activity will form part of an enduring cultural legacy. NTT DATA has agreed to participate in the Vatican Apostolic Library digitization project, recognising that it is an endeavour that can be considered a major contribution to humanity. In April 2014, NTT DATA began working on the project, with plans to digitize approximately 3,000 handwritten manuscripts over the course of the next four years. The overall project is intended to digitally archive all manuscripts preserved in the Library, amounting to some 82,000 specimens and 41 million pages.

The Vatican Apostolic Library selected NTT DATA as its partner for this project based on its favorable evaluation of the company's track record in digital archiving, as exemplified by its work at Japan's National Diet Library, and its technological expertise and resources, including its digital archive service AMLAD™.

The project is of paramount importance for the preservation and dissemination of knowledge in the service of culture throughout the world. The following website provides details on the digitized handwritten manuscripts of the Vatican Apostolic Library.

Visitors to the site who would like to make donations or contribution to this important project can do so directly through a link provided.