Student Information System

NTT DATA has experience and proven methodologies to implement a SAP industry solution and a student information system which supports all educational processes (recruitment, registration, billing, diploma diagnosis, electronic learning environment, alumni relations). In addition, it records the data in standardized form once at the source, generates a comprehensive set of reports on a strategic, tactical and operational level, and makes information available via mobile devices.

E-Learning Platform

NTT DATA provides end-to-end online learning solutions adopting leA5rn (Assess, Architect, Assemble, Accomplish, Appraise) that enables globally dispersed organizations to re-skill the workforce and deliver important information rapidly and cost effectively. Interactivity being key to engaging a learner, we use a combination of value addition through content designed, Interactivity through guided practice scenarios and visual aids in engaging audience while ensuring retention to promote knowledge exchange and empower employees to take charge of their training needs.