TEPCO Group, whose mission is to provide a stable supply of electricity and energy to the Greater Tokyo Area, is installing smart meters to improve efficiency and to further enhance customer service. The group, which became a holding company structure on April 1, 2016 at the time of Japan’s electricity retail market deregulation, has already installed more than 13 million smart meters. The number is expected to reach approximately 27 million upon completion by 2020. In a project of such a globally remarkable scale, NTT DATA was selected as a partner for development of the Meter Data Management System (MDMS) to process the huge volume of essential data and to interface with other systems. TEPCO is already seeing results such as improved efficiency of meter reading work and burden reduction for users by remotely performing tasks; the next steps being considered are the offering of finely tuned services corresponding to each user’s requirement, and further utilizing the data to find other ways to contribute to society in the future.

  • Client Company : TEPCO Power Grid

The client engaged Revere to help create a large-scale data governance program across all divisions. Revere helped the client define the strategy for data governance and create an internal hybrid organization that would work in the shared service/distributed organization that makes up the operating structure of the company. Revere also helped the client develop data governance processes to ensure proper workflow and management of the governance function across the hybrid governance organization.