NTT DATA offers automotive companies independently regardless of whether they are OEM, supplier or car dealer preconfigured solutions to manage their entire value chain from end to end in order to engage their customers in collaborative product design and development while managing their entire product lifecycle.


Basic Chemicals production covers commodities and bulk products in polymers, petrochemicals and fertilizers. Specialty Chemicals are typically higher valued materials with a high specification to the application. Consumer Products, such as soaps and cosmetics play a significant role in the world-wide chemicals production. NTT DATA provides industry standard pre-configured solutions to this dynamic and competitive global industry.

  • NTT DATA’s pre-configured ERP solution for Chemicals

    This is a fully integrated SAP solution that matches the special requirements of the chemicals industry. Based on a special material master data concept, the tried and tested technology solution brings together all relevant data within key business processes and thus delivers improved information quality along the complete value chain.

  • NTT DATA’s compliance solution for REACH

    NTT DATA allows you to meet product and material compliance regulations for all industries - and secure your right to market your products. NTT DATA combines SAP’s product and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) compliance software to ensure ongoing compliance with product-related regulations with support for legal, safety, and sustainability obligations along the supply chain.

  • NTT DATA’s Pre-configured ERP Solution for EH&S Management

    NTT DATA’s expertise and experience in SAP® Environment, Health, and Safety Management (SAP EHS Management) applications support your sustainability initiatives - enabling you to holistically manage EHS operational, financial, and reporting risks across your facilities and extended business network.

Electronics and High Technology

NTT DATA’s solutions help optimize the end-to-end processes for the entire lifecycle of your products, from new product development, recipe management and production to cost, quality, and regulatory management.


NTT DATA’s provides solutions for primary metals producers to support them in achieving new technologies and create competitive advantages in on-demand planning, on-quality production and on-budget efficiency.

Product Lifecycle Management for Manufacturing

To cope with global competition, manufacturers need to optimize the entire product lifecycle. NTT DATA provides solutions and services such as:

  • PLM Strategy/Process & Architecture Consulting and Implementation

    This includes product development processes, methods, and tools (PMT) with portfolio strategies for efficient PLM decision making. We also provide tactical and operational planning and realization of PLM processes and system architectures.

Supply Chain Management for Manufacturing

The extension of supply lines across continents increases competition and squeezes operating margins. Manufacturers must be able to manage the entire value chain from end to end. NTT DATA provides solutions and services such as:

  • Supply Chain Diagnosis

    This solution evaluates rationalization and improvement opportunities across the value chain.

  • Supply Chain Planning

    This solution supports faster and more flexible planning and scheduling in the plant chain beyond what you can achieve from legacy solutions.

NTT DATA’s Pre-configured ERP Solution for Manufacturing

This solution provides component and variant manufacturers, mechanical engineers, and plant constructors with a fully integrated SAP ERP solution. The entire value-added chain is mapped in an integrated ERP solution, from the initial product idea through development, planning, procurement, production, and customer service.