Broadcast sector is evolving rapidly regarding technological infrastructure, digital platforms, content transmission and audience needs. NTT DATA has assisted companies in the sector by offering innovative and technologically advanced solutions. The followings are some of our solutions.

  • Video Encoding

    NTT DATA has developed an H.264 encoding solution for the delivery of audio-video content. The platform integrates the most advanced techniques and best-practices in video encoding in order to achieve high quality even with low bandwidth.

  • Set-Top-Box Applications

    NTT DATA value proposition covers from design to test the development of TV interactive applications (24/7 services, enhanced TV applications). Running projects are focused on embedded software development for Set-Top-Box, the back-end service platform and the back-office authoring tools.

  • OTT (Over-The-Top) Solutions

    NTT DATA is a preferred partner for broadcasters and media companies interested in offering users linear content, catch-up TV and VOD on multiple devices, thanks to a distinctive expertise in video content delivery.


Digital entertainment today means access content, music, video, through smart phone, tablet PC, smart TV and gaming platforms. Advanced technology is elevating entertainment to new heights. NTT DATA is able to support the creation and implementation of innovative entertainment products and services that leverage the increasing availability of residential and mobile bandwidth. The followings are some of our solutions.

  • Gaming Process Orchestration

    NTT DATA provides a solution for gaming business process orchestration that covers the entire life cycle of entertainment machines (AWP, PDA, etc.) and an infrastructure for the integration and communication with the Government Agency.

  • Mobile Entertainment

    NTT DATA mobile entertainment solution integrates external content providers on one side with worldwide mobile operators on the other by leveraging a extensive experience in mobile billing systems.

  • Billing Solutions

    NTT Data Advanced Software Factory framework enables you to fastener the implementation of both traditional billing systems, mainly based on subscription business logic, as well as content billing platforms. In particular NTT DATA has a deep knowledge of mobile micro-payment solutions for the purchase of digital goods and services.

Print & Publishing

Newspapers have been dramatically affected by online alternatives and are finding increasingly difficult to compete against Internet news and advertising rivals. In the meanwhile they need to increase governance and control in traditional business in order to manage operational costs. NTTDATA has strong competences in traditional production processes and consulting capabilities to support media companies to face the digital business transformation challenge.

  • Pre-press & Press Lifecycle Management

    NTT DATA has a good experience in design and implementation of solutions for this industry. Our solution covers the entire lifecycle: editorial process, press, advertising, sales.

  • Sales Force Automation for Print & Publishing Business

    NTT DATA implements Sales Force Applications that support the latest digital products (smart phones, tablets) and ensures optimal user interface and connectivity. These solutions allow the sales people to increase their productivity by accessing all the relevant data and information in an always connected world.