The Mining Industry is a highly competitive business with requirements for safety, return on capital employed, operational effectiveness and customer demand for quality products. In line with the changing demands that mining companies face, NTT DATA helps its clients to address their operational, technical, and risk management challenges while they focus on gaining competitive advantage.

  • NTT DATA’s Pre-configured ERP Solution for Mining Industry

    This solution delivers real out of the box, mining specific processes that drive a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It is built using the world class SAP® ERP solution which contains scenarios to meet your accounting, procurement and logistics execution needs.


NTT DATA provides solutions for primary metals producers to support them in achieving new technologies and create competitive advantages in on-demand planning, on-quality production and on-budget efficiency.

  • NTT DATA’s Pre-configured ERP Solution for Non-ferrous Metals Industries

    This solution enhances SAP systems by providing specific capabilities that the industry needs, such as price-fixing, risk management, tolling and metal accounting.

  • NTT DATA’s Pre-configured ERP Solution for Steel

    This solution solves the business based requirements of a steel distributor or a service center as well as the challenges caused by the materials that are brought to market. By using cockpit technology in customer management and picking, it significantly eases the use of an SAP® ERP solution.

  • NTT DATA’s Pre-configured ERP Solution for Foundries

    This solution supports all metallurgical, technical, logistical and business-management processes in the foundry industry. Based on SAP® Business All-in-One, this solution is a fully integrated industry solution that integrally maps your overall value generation.

  • NTT DATA’s Pre-configured ERP Solution for Blending

    This solution for Blending supports all targeted physical blending of complex raw material batches. To create new blended materials in accordance with its target specifications is not a trivial task. Production restrictions need to be considered while creating the most cost effective solution to be provided to production.

Steel & Metals Trading

Steel and Metals traders no longer just close the traditional link between producers and consumers, but they need to manage the world’s metals supply and demand in steel and industrial metals in a global economy. NTT DATA provides specific metal oriented trading solutions that help metals trading business live up to the complexity of the business and materials dealt.

  • NTT DATA’s Global Trade Management Solution

    This SAP solution helps trading businesses to control and organize the flow of materials and services from vendors to customers by optimizing the match between the demand and supply.

  • NTT DATA’s Commodity Management Solution

    This SAP solution helps businesses manage the commodities trading by providing tools that calculate the risk of rising and fluctuations in commodity prices, and support new accounting standards.


Ongoing economic uncertainty, fluctuating commodity markets and changing weather conditions have put a great deal of pressure on the agricultural and forestry sectors. NTT DATA puts its extensive experience and proven knowledge in technology to develop solutions that solve some of the challenges in agricultural and forestry businesses.

  • NTT DATA’s Pre-configured ERP Solution for Agriculture

    Our extensive experiences in implementing myAgri® help you manage and control all aspects of the agricultural activities from fields and harvesting operations to growers management, sales and distribution, as well as, the business processes of costing, financial accounting, budgeting, controlling and business intelligence.

  • NTT DATA’s Pre-configured ERP Solution for Poultry

    NTT DATA’s Poultry360 is an affordable pre-packaged productivity software solution for midsize poultry businesses. This solution allows the poultry business line to track operational processes, costs, profits, feed, vaccination and the like.

  • NTT DATA’s Commodity Trading Solution

    NTT DATA’s myCommTrade delivers commodity trading functionality to those organizations seeking further ROI from their SAP investments. This NTT DATA’s accelerators provide the backbone for managing seasonality, quality and commodity relevant data. We harness the power of SAP in inventory management, finance, sales and procurement and logistics, and extend that to simplify the process for users.

  • NTT DATA’s Pre-configured ERP Solution for Timber

    This solution utilizes the comprehensive standard functions of SAP® ERP and supplements these with special add-ons that optimally model the industry-specific processes of the wood industry.


  • *SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.
  • *myAgri is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.