Back-Office Operations for Central and Local/Regional Governments

Government Back-Office system is a key component to reduce the operational costs and streamline the government business processes. At the same time, the system must be secure and reliable to meet the requirements of protecting highly confidential data.

With over 40 years of experience, NTT DATA offers solutions and services such as the implementation of e-government or government data warehouse to make the entire government processes more effective and more convenient to the communities.

With our award-winning methodology DynAMOSM (Dynamic Application Management & Outsourcing) we can help you align support activities to your agency's current goals, reduce total cost of ownership, and focus your resources on meeting the ever-changing needs of your constituents.

Accounting and Finance Management for Central and Local/Regional Governments

NTT DATA offers solutions and consulting services for accounting management to enable public administrations to conduct strategic accounting control, data management and performance evaluation. NTT DATA also offers solutions to make the entire payment process easier for any individual or entity making payments to government and optimize the government's management of the full life cycle of receivables from origination through to settlement.

  • XBRL related Services for Public Sector

    XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is an open and global standard for exchanging business information. XBRL provides a metadata set called taxonomy which enables national and local regulatory & disclosing bodies to electronically disclose business information. It also makes data to be easily consumed by external entities and governments for the purpose of analysis, assessment and comparison. Our XBRL expert team could help you to successfully implement a XBRL based system by providing services like; consulting services for the smooth implementation of XBRL Taxonomy architecture design & development, XBRL related system design & integration and XBRL related project management services.

Geospatial Information

The need of geospatial information and transportation safety management systems has been increasing to deal with some of the challenges that modern society faces, from traffic congestion and pollution to land management and security.

NTT DATA applies its long experience in developing complex systems with a deep expertise in cutting edge technologies like M2M (Machine to Machine) and big data analysis to develop solutions that deal with these challenges.

  • Geographic Information Platform: GEOPLATS®

    This solution manages maps and various geographic data. It can connect with various electronic maps such as Google Maps, and can be applied to a variety of domains, such as area marketing and location management.

  • Road Transportation Monitoring System: UCaST

    This solution manages traffic volume data (time & date of transit, location, type of vehicle, average speed) and event data (site of occurrence, location, type of event) to support you dealing with traffic congestion. It can be used as a road monitoring system as well as a solution for analyzing recorded images.

Disaster Monitoring

As there have been numerous devastating disasters around the world such as floods, earthquakes, traffic accidents and bridge collapse, the need for disaster prevention has been emphasized in every community all around the world.

To ensure people from these disasters and keep safety and security, NTT DATA offers solutions which monitor and detect disasters at early stages to the local communities through the use of sensor network and M2M (Machine to Machine) technologies.

  • Bridge Monitoring System: BRIMOS®

    This solution provides the tools to monitor the condition of bridges and detects abnormal motions in real time. This solution provides valuable information for managing responses and maintaining bridge structures. NTT DATA offers a safe and reliable road transport network using this bridge monitoring system.

Digital Preservation

Among public agencies which handle a variety of documents, pictures, movies and other contents, digital preservation is regarded as an important method to enable the long-term preservation and the effective management of the digital information.

NTT DATA offers solutions which meet the need of digital preservation to public agencies, libraries and whoever owns contents to enable them to manage digital documents, preserve historical assets from the deterioration and make them easily accessible by websites or mobiles to the people who utilize the contents.

Solutions for Aerospace

NTT DATA has more than 35 years of experience working with Airlines, Airport, Aviation Authorities and Air Navigation Service Providers, and is an associate member of CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organization).

  • Airspace Design System: PANADES®

    This solution provides an innovative human-machine-interface and a high level of automation throughout the design process. PANADES enables users to conduct “what-if” scenario assessments with its advanced technology. PANADES stands for “Procedures for Air Navigation services - Airspace Design and Evaluation”.


  • *GEOPLATS is a registered trademark of NTT DATA Corporation in Japan.
  • *BRIMOS is a registered trademark of NTT DATA Corporation in Japan.
  • *PANADES is a registered trademark of NTT DATA Corporation in Japan.