Retail Analytics and Enterprise Performance Management

  • Retail Analytics

    With the dramatic growth in retail data collection, analytics can drive more agile and effective decision-making - creating revenue streams from new services, reducing costs, and increasing retail operating margins. Working with leading technology partners, NTT DATA can release the power of analytics throughout your enterprise, improving merchandising and marketing to consumer insight and store operations.

  • Enterprise Performance Management for Retail

    NTT DATA’s EPM solutions provide retailers with accurate, on-demand financial visibility, streamlining your budgeting, planning, and forecasting cycles, and condensing your financial consolidation and reporting cycles. NTT DATA partners with the largest business software vendors, such as SAP and Oracle, to provide best-of-breed performance management solutions.

NTT DATA’s Electronic Commerce (EC) Platform: Direct Channel PlatformTM

Direct Channel PlatformTM is a total EC application platform, which drives business growth . It enables you to integrate EC and existing sales channels, and connect with consumer devices. Moreover it can help you extend your EC business into other countries and seamlessly implement client-specific requirements by taking advantage of NTT DATA’s global EC business support services and operational services.

NTT DATA’s Pre-configured ERP Industry Solution for Retail

SAP for Apparel and Footwear (AFS) is a fully integrated solution designed to address the specific business requirements of companies of all sizes within its targeted industry segment. NTT DATA has enhanced SAP AFS processes in order to meet the special requirements of the apparel and footwear industry. AFS gives you the possibility of taking the AFS-specific data (grid values and categories) into account at every level of the process and including them in the entire process.

Applications Portfolio Rationalization for Retail

NTT DATA provides Application Portfolio Rationalization services to retailers by leveraging our award-winning application management and outsourcing solution called DynAMOSM.