NTT DATA’s Pre-configured ERP Solutions for Wholesale & Distribution

  • Pre-configured ERP Solution for Wholesale & Distribution

    NTT DATA provides comprehensive, SAP-qualified SAP Business All-in-One solution to companies in the wholesale distribution industry, provides a simple, yet cohesive, technology and business solution that enables seamless integration of industry-specific business processes within your enterprise and across both your channel and supply chain partners.

  • Pre-configured ERP Solution for Wholesale Distribution

    NTT DATA developed and offers a SAP Business All-in-One solution pre-configured for cost-effective and rapid implementation, to help traditional midmarket wholesale and retail trade companies in the hardware and construction industry remain highly competitive. This pre-configured ERP solution delver functionality for sales and point-of-sale, inventory control, and integrated reporting and accounting for companies.

  • Pre-configured ERP Solution for Transportation Management

    With SAP Transportation Management, you can consolidate orders and optimize shipments across your company to maximize return on transportation costs. You can share information and combine orders directly with carriers and forwarders over the Internet, so you can integrate business partners into your company’s processes and maintain control of plans which enhances the distribution aspect of the business process.

  • Pre-configured ERP solution for Warehouse & Transportation

    NTT DATA’s industry solution for the warehousing, transportation and order management segments, provides you with a complete ERP solution that has proven itself in years of practical application. Our template is based on SAP Business All-in-One and will put you in a position to quickly perform the standardized integration of new customers and products.

Global Trade Solutions

  • Implementation of SAP Global Trade Management

    SAP GTM is comprehensive software that provides functionality for strategic enterprise management, business intelligence, data warehousing, and managerial and financial accounting - everything you need to make your trading operation run smoothly in a wholesale & distribution environment.

  • Implementation of SAP Global Trade Services

    SAP GTS will help you control costs, reduce the risk of trade penalties and fines, and clear inbound and outbound customs - faster. This solution can help you automate and streamline your trade processes for improved international operations, ongoing compliance, and tight integration throughout your cross-border supply chain - regardless of your micro vertical industry or business size.

  • Commodity Trading Solution: myCommTrade

    myCommTrade delivers commodity trading functionality to those organizations seeking further ROI from their SAP investments.

    NTT DATA’s accelerators provide the backbone for managing seasonality, quality and commodity relevant data. We harness the power of SAP in inventory management, finance, sales and procurement and logistics, and extend that to simplify the process for users.