NTT DATA Technology Foresight 2012


Information Society Trends in NTT DATA Technology Foresight 2012

1.Increasing demand for real-time response to ever-changing environment and needs

Intensified environmental transformations have resulted in acceleration of speed in business. In such society, providing right services and information in real time to satisfy customers’ needs of that exact moment becomes added value.

2.Source of competitiveness will shift towards application of knowledge and information

Permeation of IT made information to be digitalized and more readily accessible to everyone anywhere on one hand. On the other, this resulted in the explosion of information everywhere. In such society, finding optimized solutions and predicting the future through discovering wisdom and making sense of vast amount of information will become highly valuable.

3.Shift in focus from mass appeal to individual

Diversification of literacy and values and diffusion of SNS and other communication tools have led society and organizations to shift its focus from mass to individuals. In this society, people will require environment/services aligned with need for individuals and mechanism providing support for connection between each other.

4.IT becoming more accessible and user-friendly, which anyone can use

Current issues of globalization and the aging population are inevitable and needs to be dealt with. To deal with these issues, it will be required to utilize IT regardless of individual literacy so that anyone can use them; making IT act as life infrastructure.

Technology Trend in NTT DATA Technology Foresight 2012

There are 4 major technology trends that support the major future projections outlined above:

  1. 1Business Analytics utilizing Big Data
  2. 2Advancement in Communication Technologies
  3. 3System Development Automation
  4. 4Diffusion of Cloud Computing and its Applications

Following technologies are included in “Technology Trend”:

  • Technology for understanding the business environment and needs in real time
  • Technology that automates analysis and judgment; a job that was performed by a person up until now
  • Technology that enables you to provide personalized services to a particular individual
  • Technology that support communication of the elderly, and people who speak different language
  • Technology for interfacing machines; natural and non-intrusive ways to utilize IT

White Paper

Further information on each of the Technology Trends are outlined in the below whitepapers: