Technology Foresight

Looking ahead   Technology trends driving business innovation.

NTT DATA Technology Foresight aims to map out the impact that technology will have on society and business in the coming years and outline expected business innovation.

NTT DATA Technology Foresight

NTT DATA Technology Foresight is the “outlook and technology trends of the near future” that is derived by NTT DATA once a year. It finds the challenges our future society will face at an early stage, and it serves as a compass to promote the creation of new value.
We aim for the betterment of society by depicting a future vision and achieving it together with various customers through foreseeing the impacts future technology will have on societies and businesses.
At NTT DATA, we incorporate NTT DATA Technology Foresight into our management strategy, and we are committed to technology development and service creation that anticipates changes in the business environment.
Information Society Trend 01

Power of the Individual

The growing influence of individuals will transform existing societies and industries. Digitization will force providers to extend their existing business models to be more customer-centric, embracing the increasing power of the individual.

Information Society Trend 02

Collaborative Value Creation

Dynamic ecosystems will emerge in which constituents will interact collaboratively over decentralized network. This open exchange of information and resources will revolutionize both workplaces and societies.

Information Society Trend 03

Knowledge Society

The source of value will shift from tangible things and assets to the use of knowledge, design and functionality. Big data analytics will allow organizations to gain insight including alternate viewpoints which can fuel innovations.

Information Society Trend 04

Smarter Society

The physical-digital convergence will broaden in scope. The increased flexibility of responses to social and environmental issues will lead to a more sustainable society.

Technology Trend 01

Invisible Computing

Computers will evolve to the point where users will no longer feel the existence of an interface. For example, there will be more opportunities and user benefits from ultra-realistic technology*1 and in medical care, implanting devices in people will become more common.

*1 Technology that brings sensations to the five senses of human beings as if they are at a different location than the present location.

Technology Trend 02

Science of Life and Emotion

Research is accelerating in technologies that seek to understand human nature, e.g., genetics, brain-science and psychology. Depth psychology, including the effects of stress reduction methods and differences in the sense of happiness, will be scientifically elucidated, encouraging its use in business.

Technology Trend 03

Challenge of Artificial Intelligence

Algorithms that mimic human brain circuits will become more sophisticated, allowing computers to understand meanings, concepts and context. The role of computers will shift to assist intellectual and creative work, enabling users together with computers to perform multiple and even more creative tasks in parallel.

Technology Trend 04

Democratizing 3D Data

3D technology is becoming accessible to everyone. 3D sensing will be available using mobile terminals, and 3D printing will become mainstream. While utilization of 3D technology will become common practice, it will nurture new and innovative uses of the technology impacting society.

Technology Trend 05

Next-Gen Mobility and Transportation

A new transportation system centering on autonomous cars will make a significant impact on urban convenience, insurance, logistics and energy policies. For individuals, the means of transportation will be diversified. And for business, drones will be used in certain regions to support logistics.

Technology Trend 06

Digital Commerce

Consumer contact points for retail and online businesses will continue to be digitalized rapidly, and websites with customer service capability equivalent to that of humans, as well as bricks and mortar stores with the ability to diffuse Internet information, will emerge. Customer management will be expanded to potential customers who do not yet have contact points with the company.

Technology Trend 07

Cloud Optimization

Competition for dominance in cloud computing will intensify. Functional enhancements, performance improvements, increased user expectations, and price reductions will ensue, bringing on extensive innovation in the cloud infrastructure. Virtualization and big data technologies will be combined according to the intended purpose to form a “Cloud Operating System” (OS).

Technology Trend 08

Engineering Innovation

Advanced simulation technology will be used increasingly in R&D and design phases to know what will work before making further investments. In product development, biomimetic technology and 3D printing will be utilized. Remote maintenance using big data will become popular, making the entire business operation more efficient.

Future Vision: based on NTT DATA Technology Foresight

NTT DATA is developing various technologies for the benefit of individuals and societies of the future. Care to take a look ahead? Let us show you how our solutions will help to create a sustainable society in the future. Come and touch the future.




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