Jul. 12, 2017

Mobility has long transcended its original meaning of the physical agility of people and vehicles. The term electromobility, too, meanwhile refers to more than merely the exchange of conventionally-powered vehicles with electric cars. Cities are becoming “Smart Cities”, and a transformation is occurring in mobility, which leans towards intermodal traffic concepts - the intelligent mobility.

NTT DATA has concerned itself with intelligent mobility (i-Mobility) for many years now. The practical experience gathered by the company during several research projects and through individual solutions for customers has resulted in the generation of three different products:

The dialogue-capable platform for the management of a charging point infrastructure - Open Charging Station Controller (OCC)

The intermodal urban mobility concept - Urban Mobility Marketplace (UMM)

The location-concentrated intelligent Carsharing Solution (iCS)

Mobility concepts for the future

The customers of our customers expect simple and future-orientated mobility. They would like to access vehicles, public transport or charging stations at any time, anywhere. They would like an intelligent network for increased convenience and safety as well as innovative services and interesting business models.

NTT DATA supports companies in examining their business models, and acts as a partner for the development of future mobility concepts. We take on the technical implementation and provide support in the continuous further development of the implemented systems.