Recently there has been growing demand for brief reports not only on financial data, but also non-financial information such as strategies, risks, opportunities, corporate governance, environment and society by linking them to the mechanism of value creation. In response to this situation, we have decided to explain our recognition of the environment surrounding the NTT DATA Group, our mission titled “Our Way,” strengths, and management resources that form the foundation to continuously create corporate value for the medium and long term, and the new Medium-term Management Strategy based on these matters in this report in addition to financial information from this fiscal year onwards, emphasizing the links between each factor.

Future Plans

The NTT DATA Group aims to realize constructive communication with stakeholders including shareholders and investors through this report, and perform our Mission Statement of “using information technology to create new paradigms and values, which help contribute to a more affluent and harmonious society.”

We will announce specific numerical targets for the Medium-term Management Plan as soon as we complete negotiations on a large-scale acquisition abroad. We also plan to update and release this report at a later date.

The “Annual Report 2016” is available at the following websites:

Annual Report Fiscal Year 2016

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From Annual Report (fy2012), we have enhanced the content made available at our website.

Information regarding corporate governance, CSR and R&D, along with detailed financial data of the NTT DATA Group is available at the following websites:

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