Dec. 11, 2015

NTT DATA Corporation

NTT DATA Corporation published its “2015 NTT DATA Group Sustainability Report,” which is a compilation of CSR activities, on December 11.

There is currently an increasing need in FY2015 for non-finance-related information (environmental, social, governance) between mid- to long-term investors, etc. Based on this need, NTT DATA Corporation has reviewed its measures for creating improved long-term value in order to give stakeholders a more detailed understanding, and has renewed its conventional CSR Report to the “2015 Sustainability Report.”

NTT DATA Corporation will continue to strive to be a corporate group that is trusted by its stakeholders, and make efforts to promote it CSR activities.

Points to Note Regarding Renewal

  1. 1Disclosure through items in accordance with GRI* “4th edition sustainability reporting guideline” (G4)

    Information has been disclosed after reviews were conducted on conformed structures through items disclosed in the GRI “4th edition sustainability reporting guideline” (G4,) which is a guideline on international sustainability reports, on the premise of boundaries (country, department, subsidiary, leased facilities, joint enterprises, suppliers, etc.) related to IT service business centered around system integration.

  2. 2Integration into the “2015 Annual Report” was made during CSR

    Initiatives towards finding solutions for social issues in each region around the world have been integrated into and are introduced in the special edition of the “2015 Annual Report” and on the sustainability page in accordance with the three “important CSR themes” of the NTT DATA Group, namely “society and regions,” “people,” and “the global environment.”


Publication date of the English version:

Website (PDF): Released on December 11, 2015
The file can be downloaded in PDF format from the website listed below.


  • *The GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) is a non-profit organization, authorized by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP,) which has established its headquarters in the Netherlands and has made creating international sustainability reporting guidelines its mission.

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