NTT DATA Corporation launches offering of document management solution for assisting efforts to address the Electronic Books Maintenance Act

- OCR software "Prexifort-OCR® e-Document Plus" assists streamlining of document management -

Apr. 8, 2016

NTT DATA Corporation

NTT DATA Corporation (hereinafter:NTT DATA) will begin offering the document management solution “Prexifort-OCR® e-Document Plus” starting from May 1, 2016. In response to the relaxation of the requirements of the Electronic Books Maintenance Act*1 in 2015, this document management solution assists the registration, preservation, and utilization of national tax-related documents (contracts, bills, estimates, etc.) that need to be kept for a long time.

Features of “Prexifort-OCR e-Document Plus” include keyword extraction OCR*2 for automatically acquiring a search keyword from non-formalized forms, a time stamp*3, multi-condition search of stored documents, user management, and acquisition of operation logs. With the assistance of these features, clients can reduce document preservation costs, streamline document search, and promote compliance.

Through future deployment of “Prexifort-OCR e-Document Plus,” NTT DATA will contribute to the streamlining of document management of clients in the public sector as well as in the financial, insurance, medical, manufacturing, and logistics sectors.


Due to the legal obligation to maintain national tax-related books and documents for, in principle, seven years, many Japanese companies are experiencing problems in paper book and document management, such as securing storage spaces, delivery between offices, document search, and responses to losses. However, “Revision of Scanner Storage System for National Tax-related Documents” has been implemented in view of the “the Outline of the 2015 Tax Reform Proposals” and “the Outline of the 2016 Tax Reform Proposals”. Since the requirements have been significantly relaxed compared with the past, electronic document storage, such as time stamping, has been permitted under certain conditions. The new system is drawing the attention of many Japanese firms interested in shifting the document storage medium from paper to electronic.

Despite the relaxation of the requirements, document management planning, IT infrastructure construction, and filing with the tax authority must be properly conducted based on a correct understanding of the requirements of the Electronic Books Maintenance Act and the e-Document Act*4.

Taking advantage of knowledge on document management accumulated through over four decades of offering OCR services, NTT DATA will launch the sale of “Prexifort-OCR e-Document Plus.” This solution constitutes an IT infrastructure required by the Electronic Books Maintenance Act and e-Document Law in order to assist registration, storage, and utilization of national tax-related documents (contracts, bills, estimates, etc.).

Relevant national tax-related documents

  • Important documents (documents relating directly or indirectly to the flow of money and goods)

    Contracts, receipts, bills, delivery statements, checks, deposit certificates, due bills, promissory notes, security delivery account statements, export certificates, bond applications, contract applications (excluding formalized applications), bankbooks, invoices, etc.

  • Ordinary documents (other than “important documents,” account books, and closing financial statements)

    Order forms, estimates, inspection documents, cargo receipts, bank transfer request forms, contract applications (formalized applications), etc.


  1. 1Scanning and OCR feature

    The target form is scanned and read by OCR, and acquired text information is provided as a search keyword. Text information can also be acquired from a non-formalized form by the “keyword extraction feature” and “recognition by encircling feature.” Search keyword registration for electronic document production is streamlined.

  2. 2Time stamping feature

    A time stamp required by the Electronic Books Maintenance Act is automatically provided at the time of registration with an electronic document management server.

  3. 3Multi-condition search feature

    The search target document can be searched under multiple conditions (AND and OR) using a search keyword registered in advance. Efficient use of documents is enabled not only for responses to tax investigations, but also during ordinary operation.

  4. 4Security feature

    Restriction of user access on a folder and form basis and automatic acquisition of operation logs (viewing, search, and deletion) are possible. Assistance is offered for appropriate data storage.

  5. 5Operation and management feature

    Setting of a preservation period (e.g., legally required preservation period of seven years) is possible. By automatically deleting expired document files, the increase in costs for storing unnecessary documents and a decrease in search efficiency can be avoided.

Benefits of Introduction

  1. 1Reduction of preservation cost

    Costs for, e.g., document arrangement and management, storeroom spaces, storehouse renting, and delivery can be reduced by the introduction of electronic documents.

  2. 2Streamlining of document search

    High search efficiency enables streamlining of document use in the cases of internal and accountant auditing, inspection of past estimates and contracts, preparation of documents for various procedures, and retrieval of documents from the storehouse.

  3. 3Promotion of compliance

    The user control and log acquisition features allow for appropriate document management with ensured security.

Future Activities

Through the future deployment of “Prexifort-OCR e-Document Plus,”NTT DATA will contribute to the streamlining of document management of clients in the public sector as well as in the financial, insurance, medical, manufacturing, and logistics sectors.



  • *1The Electronic Books Maintenance Act (Act on Special Provisions concerning Preservation Methods for Books and Documents Related to National Tax Prepared by Means of Computers) is a law that not only permits preservation by “electromagnetic recording, etc.” of books and documents that are required to be preserved pursuant to national tax-related laws and ordinances, but also prescribes the requirements for the aforementioned preservation. To scan national tax-related documents and preserve the documents as electromagnetic records, it is necessary to seek and obtain approval from the tax office.
  • *2OCR, which is an abbreviation of Optical Character Recognition/Reader, is a device or system for optically reading handwritten and printed text, identifying characters by collating the read text with stored patterns in advance, and inputting text data.
  • *3“Time stamping” is a technology for proving the existence of a stamped electronic document by providing the document with a “stamp” containing information on the exact time generated by a reliable third-party organization Time-Stamping Authority (TSA). Within the context of the scanner preservation system for national tax-related documents, the ordinance for the enforcement of the Electronic Books Maintenance Act prescribes “a time stamp relating to operation authorized by the Japan Data Communications Association needs to be provided.”
  • *4e-Document Law(“Law Governing the Use of Information and Communications Technology in the Preservation of Documents that Private Businesses Perform.” and “Act on Arrangement of Relevant Acts Incidental to Enforcement of the Act on Use of Information and Communication Technology in Document Preservation, etc. Conducted by Private Business, etc.”) is broadly addresses the introduction of electronic documents that are legally required to be preserved.
  • *“Prexifort-OCR” is NTT DATA’s registered trademark in Japan.
  • *Other product, company, and organization names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective owners.

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