NTT DATA set up RPA Solution Promotion Team

- Strengthen total support of RPA from implementation to operation. Promote automation and increase efficiency in computer works. -

Jan. 23, 2017

NTT DATA Corporation

NTT DATA Corporation (hereinafter “NTT DATA”) set up a promotion team for Robotic Process Automation (hereinafter “RPA”) on January 23, 2017.

RPA is a concept in which a software-based virtual robot that utilizes a rule engine and artificial intelligence (hereinafter “AI”) to perform and automate routine tasks on computers similar as in the case of machinery robots conducting production operations at plants. RPA is also referred to as “digital labor.”

NTT DATA has decided to launch a company-wide RPA promotion team, aiming to strengthen our support system by aggregating our knowledge about RPA in addition to providing WinActor®, a software robot that automates application operation through Windows terminals. We will then be able to provide user companies with a total service from consulting on RPA implementation to creating scenario and outsourcing services, as well as offer advanced RPA solutions that utilize AI.

NTT DATA will further promote RPA and contribute to automating and streamlining our clients’ entire deskwork process.


With issues of securing workforce caused by aging population combined with the diminishing number of children and rising labor costs, the need for automating and streamlining deskwork at offices are increasing. Meanwhile, with AI, which is rapidly achieving technical progress, it is becoming possible to intelligently support white-collar work, which has been conventionally impossible to deal with.

Based on this background, NTT DATA believes that RPA can be effective in solving clients’ management challenges of system development, operational advancement, and providing services such as BPO, as well as support for changes in workstyle. Therefore, we have been providing RPA solutions such as “WinActor” since the beginning of 2016. We have then decided to set up an RPA promotion team, which started on January 23, 2017, to promote automation and efficiency in businesses and providing solutions for RPA.


NTT DATA launched the RPA promotion team on January 23, 2017 to aggregate our company’s knowledge about RPA and further strengthen the system for support. By working together with our five departments in different fields, it would be possible to provide clients that are considering implementation of RPA with total service from consulting on RPA introduction to scenario creation and robot outsourcing, as well as offering advanced RPA solution that utilize AI.

The RPA promotion team will start its activities with 40 members from five departments and is planned for gradual expansion.

Each department’s role is as follows:

  1. 1Public Division 4, Public Sector 2

    The OCR Solution Group will provide RPA solutions such as WinActor, Prexifort-OCR®*1, Madomado®*2, and related consultation of visualizing business and the creation of robot motion scenarios.

  2. 2Research and Development Headquarters, Technology and Innovation General Headquarters

    The Evolutional IT Center promotes research and development that utilizes AI for the purpose of expanding the scope of applying RPA, such as automation of business based on sophisticated analysis and evaluation, and automatic structuring of non-structured data that cannot be handled by conventional OCR technology.

  3. 3Production Engineering Department, Technology and Innovation General Headquarters

    The Project Management Solution Center promotes sophistication and automation of system development, maintenance, and operational services.

  4. 4Technology Strategy Promotion Section, Business Strategy Department, Financial Segment

    The department prepares procedures, measures, and the execution plans to provide clients in the financial sector with RPA solutions such as mentioned above.

  5. 5BPO Business Promotion Office, Business Solutions Sector

    This division is in charge of solutions mainly in the BPO-related area, and will now also be responsible for examining the next-generation outsourcing services centered on highly-automated BPOs.

About WinActor

“WinActor” is a software robot developed by NTT Advanced Technology Corporation. The product, which is produced with NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories’ technologies, realizes the reduction in the number of mistakes and shortens working hours by automating and streamlining routine tasks using computers. NTT DATA is a distributor of WinActor since March 2016, and has been engaged in sales, consultation of application, creation of robot motion scenarios, and after-implementation support.

WinActor features are as following:

  • Automation of any application that can be operated through Windows terminals by utilizing image processing techniques, etc.
  • Creation of an operation scenario without special programming knowledge through automatic recordings and Japanese GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • Completion of all procedures, from scenario creation to execution and control, with one computer.

Figure. WinActor’s logo and image


NTT DATA will aim to improve accuracy, promptness, and efficiency of business process through automation, promote the application of RPA to company systems and businesses, as well as system development, maintenance, and operation within companies, and promote the provision of RPA solutions and advanced outsourcing services to clients.


RPA solutions provided by NTT DATA are displayed at the following sites:


  • *1Prexifort-OCR is an OCR software that analyzes document images and converts them to text data.
  • *2Madomado is a solution that helps to sophisticate client response operation at service windows by utilizing AI, and voice recognition and emotion analysis technologies.
  • *”Prexifort-OCR” and “Madomado” are registered trademarks of NTT DATA Corporation in Japan.
  • *Other product names, company names and corporate names are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

For more information, please contact:

OCR Solution Group
Section 2
Public Division 4
Public Sector 2
NTT DATA Corporation
Tel: +81-50-5546-7720

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