NTT DATA Selects Crowd Realty as Champion of Open Innovation Contest 6.0

-Will conduct 3-month project with Crowd Realty to develop concrete business plan-

Sep. 6, 2017

NTT DATA Corporation

On August 29, 2017, NTT DATA Corporation (hereinafter NTT DATA) held “NTT DATA Open Innovation Contest 6.0” which recruited proposals for open innovation*1 business bringing “win-win-win” situations for the three parties of startup, NTT DATA’s clients (i.e., financial institutions, public institutions, large-scale companies or organizations), and NTT DATA.

This time, a total of 47 proposals (21 from overseas and 26 from Japan) were submitted, and of these, 11 proposals (including 4 from overseas) were selected as the Grand Finale contestants based on documentary screening and interview.

As a result of the Final selection, all judges from NTT DATA offered requests for business collaboration, and 6 companies received the Award of Excellence. From among those winners, Crowd Realty, Inc. won the Grand Champion for their proposal of “The Utilization of Decentralized P2P Market Place for Urban Development,” and OryLab Inc. won the Judge Award for their proposal of “Generation of New Services through Connection between R-env and 'OriHime,’ an avatar robot.” From now on, NTT DATA will start a 3-month discussion on collaboration with Crowd Realty, Inc. to turn their business concept into an actual business.

NTT DATA will continue to hold the monthly Open Innovation Forum “From the Port of Toyosu” and the semi-annual Open Innovation Contest to accelerate the development of new businesses with startups around the world having advanced technologies or business models.

NTT DATA has developed 9 new business projects in FY2016 through the activities of our organization, the Open Innovation Business Development Office. In FY2017, 19 sub-working projects, which are expected to be seeds of new businesses, and another 11 businesses have been developed through advanced POC*2 as of September 1. NTT DATA aims to continuously create a 10-billion-yen business project in the future.

The Grand Finale Contestants

No. The Grand Finale Contestants
(in order of appearance)
1 GENOVA, Inc. Mr. Shintaro Hioki
2 ORANGE LINKS Co., Ltd. Ms. Yukiko Yoshida
Mr. Kazuhiko Sugimoto
3 SenseTime Japan Ltd. Mr. Seiko Ro
4 ZEST INC. Ms. Yukiko Ito
5 Crowd Realty, Inc. Mr. Takeshi Kito
6 Smallticket Ms. Julie Kim Jung Eun
7 VESL Ms. Maureen Ledesma
8 ROWEM Co., LTD. Mr. Byoung Ki Kim
9 GliaCloud Co. Ltd. Mr. David Chen
10 OryLab Inc. Mr. Kentaro Yoshifuji
11 Studio Ousia Inc. Ms. Michiko Sakamoto

Results of the Grand Finale

  • The Grand Champion: Crowd Realty, Inc.
  • The Judge Award: OryLab Inc.
  • The Award of Excellence: SenseTime Japan Ltd., ZEST INC., Crowd Realty, Inc., VESL, OryLab Inc., Studio Ousia Inc. (in order of appearance)
  • Collaboration Request Winner: All the Grand Final contestants

The Grand Champion Prize

The Grand Champion will receive full support to turn the awarded business concept into an actual business including a support consulting team for three months and provision of opportunities to consult with business advisors as a supplementary prize.

The other business ideas that won the Award of Excellence or collaboration requests will also be examined through discussion with our related business divisions to turn their concepts into actual businesses bringing “win-win-win” situations for the three parties involved (i.e., startups, clients of NTT DATA, and our related business divisions).


Along with judges from NTT DATA, the following external judges selected the Grand Champion and the Award of Excellence winners. The judges from NTT DATA expressed their interests for “collaboration request” to pitches of the contestants by raising their hands on that occasion.

External judges (in no particular order):

  • Dr. Shuichiro Yamamoto (Professor, Software Science and Technology Group, Department of Information Engineering, Nagoya University)
  • Dr. Shuji Honjo (Managing Director, Honjo International)
  • Mr. Tamio Nishizawa (Representative Director JAPAN OPEN INNOVARTION NETWORK)
  • Mr. Yasushi Kondo (Managing Director, NTT DOCOMO Ventures, Inc.)
  • Mr. Masato Saito (Partner an IPO Group Supervisor and Deputy Head of the Growing Enterprise Support Center, Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC)

About the Contest in the Future

By expanding its stage from 10 cities across the globe in the 5th Contest, the 7th Contest will be held in 15 cities and we are receiving submissions until October 10, 2017. (The Grand Finale is scheduled for March 22, 2018.)

In addition, the Open Innovation Forum “From the Port of Toyosu” is planning to continue to have a regular meeting on a monthly basis. (The participants of the Forum will be limited to those who have been invited by NTT DATA.) Link)

For Your Reference: Outline of the NTT DATA Open Innovation Contest 6.0

The Contest themes are set at some 22 service solutions currently offered by NTT DATA. We invited, from startups around the world, ideas on open innovation business that can deliver a “win-win-win” situation for the three parties - startups, NTT DATA’s clients (i.e., large-scale companies or organizations) and NTT DATA.

Application Period

From May 10, 2017 to July 7, 2017

Date and Venue for the Grand Finale

August 29, 2017, at the Conference Room on the 36th Floor of the Toyosu Center Building

Number of Participants

About 200 people (i.e., from startups, venture capitals, accelerators, clients of NTT DATA (i.e., financial institutions, public institutions, large-scale companies or organizations), and personnel of NTT DATA)

For Your Reference


  • *1Open innovation is a new concept proposed by Dr. Henry Chesbrough at the University of California, Berkeley, to promote innovation. It is defined as the means to realize the hitherto impossible innovation by visualizing product development processes and collecting internal and external technologies and ideas beyond company boundaries.
  • *2POC, Proof Of Concept, means positive trials to show that new concepts, theories, and principles are feasible.
  • *“From the Port of Toyosu” is registered trademarks owned by NTT DATA in Japan.
  • *Other product names, company names and organization names are their respective trademarks or registered trademarks.

For more information, please contact:

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Ms. Yuriko Nishiyama
Open Innovation & Business Incubation
Tel: +81-50-5546-9609

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