NTT DATA starts to provide a management robot for "Office Robot" RPA solution

- Through unified management and control of many Office Robots, it will contribute to the further automation of business activities -

Sep. 21, 2017


NTT DATA Corporation (hereinafter “NTT DATA”) will start to provide a software-type robot (hereinafter “management robot”) that manages and controls the Robotics Process Automation (hereinafter “RPA”) solution “Office Robot” on servers in a unified manner from September 29, 2017.

“Office Robot” is a software-type robot that automates the operation of various applications operable from a Windows terminal.

“Management robot” is a software-type robot that manages and controls movement scenarios of the Office Robot executable version (hereinafter “executable robot”)*1 and Office Robot on servers in a unified manner and was developed by NTT DATA to coincide with the start of providing a Office Robot for Windows server OS. Now just by setting operation on the management robot, users will be able to perform concurrent processing on multiple operation scenarios automatically and effectively using multiple executable robots. Furthermore, as the management robot is able to collaborate with other software which cross-sectionally controls operations such as BPM tool*2, this will contribute to further acceleration of business activities automation on a company-wide basis.

NTT DATA, through the management robot, will promote business activities automation based on individual needs such as automation by Office Robot on the cloud and realization of high-level automation through collaboration with AI aiming to reach 10 billion sales by the end of FY2020.

Background and Overview

In response to the lack of labor force as well as changes due to work style reform, recently many companies have been promoting the spread and diffusion of the RPA solution that automates and streamlines desk work in the office.

NTT DATA has been selling the RPA solution “Office Robot” since November 2014 in Japan. In January 2017, the company-wide RPA promotion team was established in order to further enhance the RPA promotion power and has provided “Office Robot” to more than 300 client companies. Furthermore, responding to the needs and expectations for sophistication and diversification of the RPA solution, NTT DATA started the Office Robot English version (May 2017), the Office Robot finance and accounting solution (June 2017), the Office Robot enhanced security version and Windows 10 OS version (both in July 2017) and has been working on enhancing functions and improving its services.

In this process, to respond to the voices of users, especially from large-scale users that request unified management and control of Office Robot on servers, NTT DATA has started to provide a Office Robot for Windows server OS from September 29, 2017. In order to further utilize its functions, it has also started to develop and provide a Office Robot management robot simultaneously.

About Office Robot for Windows Server OS

“Office Robot” is an RPA solution purely made in Japan and was developed by NTT Advanced Technology Corporation with the technologies of NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories as its core, provided by NTT DATA as its distributer. It records various application operations operable from a Windows terminal as operation scenarios and performs automatic execution. With the operability and compact design necessary for automation of complicated and detailed desk work uniquely Japanese as its specialty, NTT DATA provides this service to more than 300 companies.

The previous Office Robot operated on an individual client’s OS (on a user’s PC) but now it is compatible with Windows Server 2016. Because of this, it is now possible to select the Office Robot server compatible type if you would like to use Office Robot on a company-wide basis or in the background in a unified manner; or select the traditional Office Robot client type if you prioritize speed and installability when promoting automation for each workplace. Additionally, it is also possible to divert scenarios already created under the client-type to be used in a compatible server.

About the Management Robot

The management robot is package software uniquely developed by NTT DATA in order to manage and control operation scenarios of executable robots or Office Robot on servers in a unified manner and facilitate the promotion of automating company-wide routine work. It enables you to manage and control multiple executable robots on a server in a unified manner and execute various work automatically and efficiently. Further, it makes it easy to improve processing ability by adding an executable robot.

Scenario Execution Control Is Possible

The management robot monitors the status of individual executable robots on the server and assigns a work scenario to the waiting executable robot, detects status such as execution completion/abnormal end, as well as manages the schedule of execution timing with regards to work subject to automation. With this, users can manage the operational situation of many executable robots by checking the management robot only. Furthermore, the optimum assignment of operations to the executable robot in their entirety made by the management robot facilitates reduction in the number of licenses used.

Unified Management of Scenarios and Library Is Possible

Operation scenarios and a group of libraries are managed on the server in a unified manner. With this, management is facilitated such as checking abnormality in operation scenarios or preventing falsification. Additionally, it promotes efficient use of scenarios and application development by operation scenarios and libraries being shared on a company-wide basis.

Collaborating with BPM Tools, etc.

As it is possible to collaborate also with other software that manages operations of the BPM tool, etc. cross-sectionally, it contributes to further acceleration of the automated operational processes on a company-wide basis. With this, for example, it is now possible for the BPM tool software to manage the processes of all company operations cross-sectionally, call the management robot when it reaches a certain process specified and automatically execute operation and then move on to the next process based on the results of those operations. Such high-level automation through collaborative operations of each software would also be possible.

Future Prospect

NTT DATA, with the management robot, will promote the automation of operations based on individual needs such as automation by Office Robot on the cloud and providing high-level automation in collaboration with AI aiming for 10 billion sales by the end of 2020.



  • *1Office Robot comprises a full version and executable version. Office Robot full version is software that creates the operation automation scenario and executes the automation scenario. Office Robot executable version is software that uses the operation automation scenario created under Office Robot full version and is specialized in the execution of scenarios.
  • *2BPM is an abbreviation for Business Process Management, and the BPM tool is a tool that integrates/controls/automates multiple operation processes and operation systems in order to optimize the entire work flow process. NTT DATA provides tools such as IM-BPM.
  • *All products, corporations and organization names are registered trademarks or corporate trademarks.

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