Full-Scale Systematization of Teleworking (Working at Home) as Part of a Program to Promote Work-Style Innovation

- Realizing an Initiative Proposed by Employee Volunteers -

Feb. 25, 2008

NTT DATA Corporation

NTT DATA Corporation (NTT DATA; head office: Koto-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Toru Yamashita) has issued its Declaration of Work-Style Innovation* in an effort to realize its Group Vision to become a Global IT Innovator. Accordingly, the company is actively encouraging employees to take the initiative in improving their own working methods and creating a comfortable working environment.

As part of these efforts, teleworking (working at home) was introduced on a trial basis in July 2006. On February 25, 2008, a fully systematized teleworking system was initiated.

The teleworking project was accepted based on a proposal by a study project comprising employee volunteers and has now been adopted on a systematic basis.

* Declaration of Work-Style Innovation

As an IT industry leader, NTT DATA will pursue innovations in productivity and work-styles, and support the richer self-realization of employees.

Characteristics of Teleworking at NTT DATA

NTT DATA’s teleworking project was realized through the activities of the new Working Group on Reforms in Employee Conduct, which aims to have employees explore and implement needed reforms in conduct to achieve the Group Vision. Initially proposed spontaneously by employee volunteers, it was brought to the attention of management and related departments and, after going through a trial period, has now been systematized on a full-scale basis. Special attention has been given to security and operating rules. Suggestions for improvement received from trial participants, supervisors and colleagues will be considered in an ongoing review dedicated to creating a “living” system.

Overview of Teleworking System

An overview of NTT DATA’s teleworking system is given below.

(1) Purpose

To create a work environment that is rewarding to all employees and helps them to balance work requirements with private lifestyle needs through teleworking, as part of company efforts to achieve the Declaration of Work-Style Innovation, which is part of NTT DATA’s Group Vision.

(2) Date initiated

February 25, 2008.

(3) Affected employees

All employees (including managers and male employees)

  • *Requires supervisor approval.
(4) Frequency

In principle, employees can telework up to eight times per month.

(5) Security measures

Security is given highest priority. For example, employees are forbidden to use paper media; they can only use company PCs working in a ThinClient environment; and they are not allowed to leave any data whatsoever in their homes.

Telework Trial

An overview of the trial operation of the teleworking system prior to full-scale implementation is given below.

(1) Implementation period

From July 1, 2006

(2) Affected employees

All company departments. Initially, each department chose one of two implementation patterns (A or B).

  1. AAll employees
  2. BLimited to employees who required support in balancing work with childrearing/homecare needs
(3) Number of participants

Cumulative total of about 170

(4) Frequency

In principle, participants were allowed to work at home up to five times a month.

(5) Confirmed effects

In a survey conducted after the trial, participants reported various effects, such as: “light commuting burden,” “easy to communicate with family members,” and “improved productivity and efficiency.” Other reported effects included: “less need to redo work because greater care is taken to confirm output with supervisors beforehand,” and “easier to visualize work.”

Future Developments

NTT DATA will expand the use of this system to all employees, not just those who need assistance balancing work with childrearing/homecare needs, to support their rich self-realization, and will continue its commitment to pursuing work-style innovation.

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