Apr. 24, 2008

NTT DATA Corporation
NTT Corporation

NTT DATA Corporation (NTT DATA; Head Office: Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Toru Yamashita) and NTT Corporation (NTT; Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Satoshi Miura) have announced that they will provide, on a trial basis, a blood pressure management service that supports the appropriate daily monitoring of at-home blood pressure(Note 1). The new system will be provided as a component of the “Creative Health on FLET’S”(Note 2) service that is available exclusively to users of NTT West Corporation’s FLET’S service on the FLET’S SQUARE website. Trial participants are now being recruited (starting today, April 24), with the trial service scheduled to begin on May 23, 2008.

1. Background and Purpose of Trial

As of April 2008, insurers (National Health Insurance and employee insurance programs) are required to underwrite specific health check-ups and specific health guidance programs (Note 3) focusing on metabolic syndrome(Note 4) for insured persons and nonworking dependents between 40 and 74 years old (about 56 million people). With the implementation of this policy, individuals will become increasingly aware of their health, and we expect that various types of ICT (Information Communication Technology)-based health equipment will proliferate.

To help meet the needs of insurers and individual customers, NTT DATA already provides the individual-oriented “Creative Health Sankenjin” service(see Appendix 1), which is designed to help people enjoy themselves as they improve their lifestyle habits.

Until now, the “Creative Health Sankenjin” service has focused on walking. The new “Blood Pressure Management” service will be added on a trial basis to help users lower high blood pressure, which is the main cause of such conditions as cerebrovascular and heart disease. High blood pressure is in fact the most prevalent of all the “lifestyle” diseases(Note 5), with over 30 million sufferers (including people at risk; about 7.8 million are receiving treatment for it). In the coming years, the daily monitoring of blood pressure will become increasingly important for the maintenance of good health.

Through this trial, NTT DATA and NTT will evaluate the commercial viability of the “Blood Pressure Management” service, the effectiveness of the service in reducing high blood pressure, and its user friendliness.

2. NTT Technology Used in the “Blood Pressure Management” Service

Users will manage their blood pressure by means of the “Blood Pressure Management Guidance Program” developed at NTT’s Microsystem Integration Laboratories. This program provides a graphic view of at-home blood pressure values, as well as health advice based on analyses and identification of blood pressure types(Note 6).

3. Overview of “Blood Pressure Management” Service (Appendix 2)

Users begin by logging in to the “Creative Health on FLET’S” service found on the FLET’S SQUARE website, which is accessible only by NTT West FLET’S users. The service can be accessed by clicking on the “Blood Pressure Management” service banner on the homepage. They measure their blood pressure each day using a specialized ICT blood pressure gauge that connects via USB to their personal computers. The blood pressure values for that day are recorded on the record screen of the service.

The service makes it possible to view all recorded values and is capable of analyzing the data to determine blood pressure type. It also provides health advice to users based on the type of blood pressure they have. Even more effective blood pressure management can be achieved by linkage to the recording and management of data regarding number of strides walked per day and body weight found on the “Creative Health on FLET’S” website.

4. Recruitment of Trial Participants

1. Recruitment of trial participants

Number of participants


Participation requirements

Must be a subscriber to the “Creative Health on FLET’S” service offered by NTT West on the FLET’S SQUARE website.

  • *To use the “Creative Health on FLET’S” service, customers are required to sign a separate contract for use of the FLET’S service (either B FLET’S or FLET’S ADSL).
Recruitment period

8:00 p.m. on April 24 (Thursday) to 0:00 a.m. on May 14 (Wednesday), 2008

Recruitment method

To apply, log on to the “Creative Health on FLET’S” service, download the application form, fill in all necessary items, and fax the completed form to the designated number. Successful applicants will be sent a blood pressure gauge for use in the trial and will not be notified separately. If a large number of applications are received, participants will be chosen by lottery.

2. Trial Period

May 23 (Friday) to November 26 (Wednesday), 2008

3. Trial Service Charge

There is no charge for using the “Blood Pressure Management” service during the trial period. However, users must still pay the monthly charge of ¥300 plus tax to use the “Creative Health on FLET’S” service.

4. Point Awards

Users who record their blood pressure data 80% or more of the days each month will receive 100 Creative Health Points. These points can be exchanged for gift certificates and other products.

5. Blood Pressure Gauge

Participants who use the trial service for six months and complete a questionnaire after the trial are welcome to keep the blood pressure gauge after the trial ends.

5. Roles Played by NTT DATA and NTT


Provides the environment for the “Creative Health on FLET’S” service and monitors the user-friendliness of the service.

(2) NTT

Provides the “Blood Pressure Management Guidance Program” for the “Creative Health on FLET’S” service and implements technical monitoring.

6. Future Prospects

While verifying the effectiveness of the Blood Pressure Management Service as a means of promoting better health, we will develop practical blood pressure applications and give consideration to providing the management service on a full-scale basis.


*1 At-home blood pressure

The blood pressure of an individual in his or her natural state in daily life. Because people’s blood pressure changes constantly, depending on physical and mental conditions, a more accurate reading of blood pressure can be taken if numerous measurements are made and an average is calculated from the measured values.

*2 Creative Health on FLET’S

A personalized online health service (Creative Health Sankenjin) with content uniquely tailored to FLET’S users. It is available only to FLET’S users who subscribe to the FLET’S SQUARE website provided by NTT West.

*3 Mandatory specific health check-ups and specific health guidance programs

Requirements imposed from April 2008 by the law concerning guarantee of medical treatment for seniors on the basis of the “Outline for Medical System Reforms” for the purpose of “thoroughly preventing lifestyle diseases.” Medical insurers are required to conduct specified physical check-ups for diabetes and other lifestyle diseases, and, on the basis of the results, provide specific health guidance to those who need it.

*4 Metabolic syndrome

A cluster of health risk factors based on visceral fat obesity, including high blood pressure, high blood sugar, abnormal lipid metabolism (excessive cholesterol or neutral fat), etc.

*5 Lifestyle diseases

A collective term referring to diseases whose development and progress have a deep connection with lifestyle habits. Typical examples include hypertension (high blood pressure), hyperlipidemia (excessive fat in blood) and diabetes.

*6 Blood pressure types

Blood pressure values in ordinary life change over the course of the day and in different circumstances, making it possible to distinguish different blood pressure types, such as “morning-elevated,” “night-elevated,” “hidden-elevated” (elevated when at home but not when being measured at a clinic) and “white-coat elevated” (elevated when being measured by medical personnel but not in everyday life). Blood pressure type is thought to be closely related to lifestyle diseases.

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