First-Ever Marketing of the Log Management Tool Splunk of Splunk Inc. in Japan

- Utilize breakthrough technology in a wide range of fields from management of system operations to business intelligence -

Jan. 7, 2009

NTT DATA Corporation

In January, NTT DATA Corporation (Headquarters: Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Toru Yamashita, hereinafter NTT DATA) will begin marketing Splunk, the log management tool of Splunk Inc. (Headquarters: San Francisco, CA, USA, President and CEO: Godfrey Sullivan). NTT DATA will serve as the first sales agent in Japan for the product. In the U.S., over 900 corporations, government agencies and service providers, and over 300,000 individuals are using Splunk.

Splunk is a tool employing proprietary technology for high-speed, high-precision search and analysis of logs generated by computer systems. It enables significant reductions in the amount of processing required in system administration, security, compliance, business intelligence and other areas, and it is used for the analysis and utilization of data.

Going forward, NTT DATA will engage in the sale of licenses, apply the tool to existing large-scale systems developed and operated by NTT DATA, and provide it in combination with other existing NTT DATA services. The goal is to achieve a 10 percent share of the log management solutions market in Japan by the end of fiscal 2010.


In system administration, security, and implementation of J-SOX and other compliance issues, it is necessary to employ log data produced by the computer system. In the field of business intelligence as well, log data can be used for efficient analysis. Nevertheless, traditional log management products have problems: They tend to be complex and expensive, and they do not allow flexibility in the setting of search conditions. The result is that the extraction of data is time-consuming, and data cannot be obtained across multiple systems, with vast amounts of time often required to perform tasks in a variety of fields.


Splunk is a tool that accepts all manner of data such as system-generated logs, error messages and others, for a variety of search and analysis. Because of Splunk’s proprietary technology, when compared with traditional log management tools, data searches can be made under extremely flexible conditions, data can be managed horizontally across multiple systems, and rich reporting capabilities can be utilized to easily prepare reports.

By adopting Splunk, a company can significantly cut the number of operations needed to accomplish its current work load in such fields as system administration, security, compliance, and business intelligence. To be more specific:

  • Since it supports a variety of data collection methods, log capturing, search, and archive functions can be added without modification of existing systems.
  • Logs obtained from multiple devices and applications can be searched from a single screen and reports prepared based on those search results. That facilitates complex auditing of data and analysis of the causes of faults.
  • The format of captured data can be discerned and the data categories contained in the logs can be automatically extracted. That greatly enhances the efficiency of business intelligence tools and the preparation of data for entry into a database.
  • *The services that are provided consist of license sales, maintenance, technical support, training, OEM provision, system integration and others.

Future Development

In addition to license sales, NTT DATA will apply Splunk to the large-scale systems and data centers that it is responsible for, and it will provide Splunk in combination with a variety of other existing solutions. During the first two years beginning in fiscal 2009, NTT DATA is targeting the achievement of 10% of the 3.2 billion yen Japanese domestic log management solution market (fiscal 2008 year-end market size estimate according to MIC Research Institute). In addition, NTT DATA and Splunk Inc. plan on jointly developing next-generation search solutions.

* Splunk

Splunk is a search engine that automatically extracts IT text and finds connections among events.


NTT DATA is Japan’s top system integration company. It has a long record of achievements in such fields as large system integration and network services.

* Splunk Inc.

Splunk Inc. is a company dedicated to search technology, established by engineers who were involved in search engine development at such companies as Microsoft, Infoseek, and Yahoo!. It works with over 50 partners such as BT, Cisco, and F5 Networks.

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