Support Services Launched for System Development Solution TERASOLUNA®

- Further impetus to TERASOLUNA adoption toward making it an industry standard -

May. 25, 2009

NTT DATA Corporation

NTT DATA Corporation today began offering new support services that will help customers make effective use of TERASOLUNA®.

Distilling NTT DATA’s system development expertise, TERASOLUNA Framework and other products were made available in 2007 as open source software (OSS), and have been adopted by a large number of enterprises, to high acclaim. The support services announced today are offered out of awareness that a mechanism for supporting introduction and use is important for ensuring more effective use of the products that have been made available to date.

Along with support mechanism enabling TERASOLUNA Framework to be used with assurance, a new NTT DATA services aid customers in drawing up their own system development standards, leveraging the expertise that went into creation of TERASOLUNA Development Process.

As sales targets for these services, NTT DATA is aiming for 250 adoptions over the next five years, including 30 orders for the development standards consulting service, for total sales of more than one billion yen.

Future plans are to promote further adoption by making TERASOLUNA usable with intra-mart® components, approximately 40 solutions centering on application packages, and platform-building solutions such as PRORIZE® and Prossione®.

Background to Service Provision

In November 2007, NTT DATA released as OSS the application platform TERASOLUNA Framework along with a summary version of the system development manual TERASOLUNA Development Process. As a result, the technology and expertise from NTT DATA’s long experience with system development became available to the public free of charge.

So far TERASOLUNA Framework has been downloaded more than 60,000 times and has been the subject of numerous inquiries.

The availability of the Framework and Development Process summary as OSS enables business applications to be developed more efficiently. Understandably, customers are increasingly seeking to adopt TERASOLUNA as an in-house standard in order to achieve higher development productivity and quality in their systems. We have therefore decided to provide services supporting customers in their introduction of TERASOLUNA, leveraging the expertise that went into preparing these solutions. We expect many more customers to make use of TERASOLUNA thanks to this service.

Service Offerings

Support comes in the form of the following services.

Service Description Benefits
System development standards consulting Assistance to customers in devising their own development standards geared to their needs. Drawing up development standards leveraging the expertise embodied in TERASOLUNA Development Process improves the reusability of documents and knowledge.
Software architecture introduction consulting Support for system development using TERASOLUNA Framework, and extending the Framework as needed.

Enables smooth introduction of TERASOLUNA Framework.

Standardizing in-house systems based on TERASOLUNA Framework improves the reusability of source code and expertise.

Framework support Provision of TERASOLUNA Framework maintenance in the system development and operation phases. Includes Q&A on specifications and usage as well as troubleshooting. Quickly solves questions and trouble in development and operation.
Development support tool license provision Sales of usage rights (licenses) to development assistance tools for efficiently developing systems using TERASOLUNA Framework. Maintenance service (Q&A on usage, etc.) is provided along with licenses. Tools generate source code and settings files automatically, reducing developer work load. Quality is also raised by reduction in routine tasks and by sources checking functions.
Introduction training Training in technologies needed in system development, such as TERASOLUNA Framework, Spring Framework, and JUnit. Raising the skill level of engineers will help speed up TERASOLUNA Framework introduction projects.

A dedicated portal site has been set up for providing detailed information about TERASOLUNA and answering support requests.

TERASOLUNA Portal Site: Link)

Sales Targets

As sales targets for these services, NTT DATA is aiming for 250 adoptions over the next five years, including 30 orders for the consulting service on drawing up system development standards, for total sales of more than one billion yen.

Looking Ahead

NTT DATA plans to add more applications supporting TERASOLUNA Framework in order to further expand its use, with the aim of making TERASOLUNA a de facto standard in the system development industry.

By the fourth quarter of 2009, we hope to achieve interworking with the intra-mart components. Given the extensive usage and sheer number of these components, their use should make it possible to adopt TERASOLUNA for SOA-type high-productivity development in addition to development from scratch. We also plan to make TERASOLUNA usable with around 40 solutions in the NTT DATA Group, mainly business application packages, as well as with the NTT DATA system platform-building solutions PRORIZE and Prossione. By providing sets of pretested components that include the system platform, we will be able to offer customers all-in-one solutions from system platform to business applications.

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