Aug. 30, 2011

NTT DATA AgileNet L.L.C.

NTT DATA CORPORATION is pleased to announce the start of the Global R&D Initiative, aimed at conducting new research and development of solutions and technologies for global markets.

The NTT DATA Group is in the process of creating worldwide synergies and strengthening our business structures through tie-ups, use of offshore resources, and other strategies based on the Global One Team concept. In order to support these efforts and derive further synergies over the long term, we will need to forge stronger ties consolidating the unique advantages and experiences of overseas Group companies, and also to develop solutions and technologies suited to each of our global markets.

Under the Global R&D Initiative, project teams in overseas Group companies propose development themes for technology and solutions, which are evaluated and chosen as R&D projects to be carried out, taking into account their potential for wide application in the NTT DATA Group. This approach will not only give birth to research results matched to local needs but will make available new technologies and solutions that can be deployed throughout the Group.

Through the initiative we will be providing technology backup to Global One Team business tie-ups, while paving the way for NTT DATA Group entry into strategic technology fields and promoting the deployment and standardization of new technologies and solutions in the Group. For the results of the projects being carried out in fiscal 2011, the target is to increase sales by more than 3 billion yen over the next five years.

Background and Aims of the Initiative

The NTT DATA Group has been working since 2005 to strengthen our global business. Currently we are enhancing our business bases in North America and Europe and support for Japanese global corporations, while also making moves to expand our coverage and resources in emerging markets elsewhere. As part of these efforts we have been building up our Global One Team (see Note 1) bringing together Group companies at the global level, and have been forming tie-ups across Group companies for individual projects and taking advantage of offshore resources.

Against this backdrop, we have launched the Global R&D Initiative as a framework for strategic tie-ups in R&D fields, for the sake of further synergy creation and strengthening of our business structures.

The Global R&D Initiative adopts a scheme for utilizing the knowledge, expertise, and human resources of overseas Group companies with a record of accomplishments in their local markets, by which they themselves develop new solutions matched to the markets in which they are currently seeking to expand their business. In selecting solutions as the objects of R&D, emphasis is on deployability in the NTT DATA Group, as we seek to discover and bring to fruition proposals of solutions that will benefit not only the developing company but other Group companies as well.

Outline of the Initiative

Project teams formed from multiple overseas Group companies propose new technologies and solutions. A Global R&D Board with experts from NTT DATA and overseas Group companies as advisors examines the proposals and decides which projects to proceed with.

A project team proposing an adopted project is commissioned by NTT DATA to carry out the research and development work. NTT DATA will deploy and utilize the R&D results in Group companies both in Japan and abroad.

Serving as secretariat of the Global R&D Board is NTT DATA AgileNet L.L.C.


Projects in FY2011

In FY2011 we issued calls for proposals to 19 overseas Group companies and received 32 proposals in all from 11 project teams, the largest of the teams representing 11 firms. In forming the project teams and carrying out discussions on the way to making proposals, we made use of Global One Team, an activity for creating Group synergy, with One Team proposals being made in such areas as SAP and BI.

After the proposed projects were evaluated by the Global R&D Board, six projects were adopted. Research and development work is now being carried out in each of the chosen projects with a target of completion by the end of the fiscal year (March 2012).

R&D Themes for FY2011

The projects adopted for this fiscal year target both technologies supporting the expansion of present business areas and technologies toward the future development of new business areas. They cover SAP and BI, areas where the Global One Team is promoting Group collaboration; testing, an important element in software development technology; and cloud computing and Hadoop, of growing importance as platform technologies. As the total benefit from the six projects adopted for this fiscal year, we have set a target of more than 3 billion yen in increased sales over the next five years.

R&D Theme (leader firm) Summary
Global SAP Implementation Methodology (itelligence) Technology development for achieving the concept of standardizing development and implementation methodologies in the Group related to SAP business, based on plans drawn up by a SAP Global One Team task force.
nREAP - near Realtime Analytics Platform (Keane) Development of solution technology for performing large-scale near real-time data processing based on the open source Hadoop.
Meta-Data driven test automation tool innovation (Vertex) Enhancement of automation tools for testing aimed at improving the efficiency of test outsourcing business. This is a proposal by the Testing Global One Team.
Structured Value Realization Accelerate Solution (Intelligroup) Development of methodology capable of estimating ROI of SAP projects at the consulting stage.
DMFI - Data Management Framework for Insurance (Keane) Development of a data management framework for improving data analysis efficiency in the insurance industry. This is a proposal by the BI Global One Team.
Healthcare Cloud-based Analytics (NTT DATA Asia Pacific) Development of a BI cloud service for healthcare institutions in Southeast Asia.
  • *1As of August 30, 2011, SAP, BI, Oracle, Testing, and Telecom are active.

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