NTT DATA Starts Offering Service for Rapid and Effective BI Deployment

- “BI Apps” – a Business Intelligence application powered with globally-integrated know-how -

Jul. 4, 2012

NTT DATA Corporation

NTT DATA Corporation has today started offering the “BI Apps” service, which can be implemented quickly at companies and deliver immediate results through the use of Business Intelligence (BI) that utilizes data stored at companies for “management decision-making processes.”

“BI Apps” features a management dashboard and analytical reporting application that has already been customized for each type of business and industry to better illustrate specific utilization scenarios immediately after implementing BI. The application helps resolve common problems where “results were not immediately noticeable after implementation as no specific BI utilization vision was available.” Data warehousing (DWH) that forms the key to analysis has been pre-optimized for each industry, allowing BI to be implemented much quicker than what was possible previously.

This service is based on BI implementation knowhow of a comprehensive personnel organization comprising of more than 1,000 experts spanning the NTT DATA Group around the world. Basing the service on this organization helps to resolve business issues related to the “visualization of management information” and “visualization of global supply and demand balance” through the use of BI Apps, from the initial consulting stage before implementation, through to helping business gain a secure foothold.

The first BI Apps service being offered covers the supply chain management (SCM) field for the global manufacturing industry.


As businesses increasingly turn global, organization and business management has also become more decentralized and complex as a result of attempts to meet the needs of customers over a larger area. Decision-making processes must also be conducted extremely quickly in order to gain a competitive edge in global markets.

To address these demands, the market size of Business Intelligence (BI), which utilizes IT for the “visualization of business” and “assisting in the management decision-making process,” continues to expand both in Japan and abroad. Yet there has been a lack of specific utilization and business reform scenarios available before implementing these services, with the large number of cases unable to attain the expected results after implementation particularly striking.

Customer feedback such as “We would like to better understand the benefits of implementing BI as early as possible before actual roll out, and visualize utilization scenarios based on more specific examples” and “We want to implement BI so that we can utilize it quicker for business” indicate that there is an increasing need for quickly implementing BI based on operational demonstrations and prototypes that can be run before the actual services are implemented.

The NTT DATA Group has its own Global Business Intelligence Service to provide full coverage, from formulating a business reform vision and roadmap before implementation, development on a global scale, to a comprehensive service support system focused on helping business gain a secure foothold and properly utilizing the service after implementation. Collaboration between international groups in North America, Europe and Asia, as well as groups in Japan, have resulted in the establishment of the “BI Global One Team” to offer better BI solutions on a global scale.

BI Apps is the standard BI application from the BI Global One Team that features predefined scenarios for each industry based on an organized set of results of BI implementation conducted globally to date. The NTT DATA Group will utilize BI Apps into the future to resolve customers’ business issues such as “visualization of management information” and “visualization of global supply and demand balance” as part of efforts to further expand the BI market.

Overview (Features)

Applications for each industry and business field

BI Apps includes BI applications that feature a management dashboard and analysis report library that meets the analysis targets of each industry and business field. BI Apps will start being offered to cover supply chain management (SCM) for the global manufacturing industry. The applications will be developed to suit customers in other industries into the future, and in addition to supply chain management, enterprise performance management (EPM) is also being planned in the business field.

A one-stop comprehensive solution utilizing BI

BI Apps provides a management dashboard and analysis reporting system that users browse directly, and which can even be used on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. It also provides access to data warehousing (DWH), and data extraction and conversion (ETL) functions that are essential for analysis, and includes predefined scenarios that include master data management. The application allows BI to be implemented much quicker compared to previous systems, in a one-stop package without having to worry about coordinating or assembling different types of customer tools.

BI Consulting Service

NTT DATA also offers a consulting service for BI implementation by partnering with Realize Corporation, a group company that specializes in NTT DATA’s data warehousing/Business Intelligence Laboratory (hereafter, DWH/BI Lab) and data management, to allow BI Apps to be utilized via various service menus. Before BI implementation, demonstration tools are used to give customers a more detailed look into the application. During the implementation and development stage, prototypes are used to customize the specific requirements of customers, while the business transformation service (which helps business gain a secure foothold) is employed as an educational tool by end users. The data management knowhow of NTT DATA’s DWH/BI Lab and group company Realize Corporation are applied in full to provide a comprehensive solution, from the business end right through to the technical details.

Future Developments

The BI Global One Team at NTT DATA is a BI organization comprising of more than 1,000 personnel that will be utilized to expand the industry and business fields that BI Apps caters to, in order to further increase the spread of this Global Business Intelligence Service.

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