Deployment of Operational BI templates to APAC Region

- Deployment of Business Intelligence and Analytics based on accumulated global-scale know-how -

Aug. 9, 2013

NTT DATA Corporation

NTT DATA Corporation has begun a full-scale deployment of BI Apps*1 - business intelligence (BI) application templates - on an operational basis to Thailand, Vietnam, and the broader APAC market.

NTT DATA’s BI Apps have been available to the market since July 2012. The solution enables customers to easily analyze raw internal data, putting it to practical use within management dashboards and analysis reports on an industry/operation specific basis. The BI Apps solution platform has proven its effectiveness for many Japanese manufacturers around the globe.

Based on NTT DATA Group’s BI Global One Team’s experience, BI Apps have been deployed to the APAC region, resolving many of our customers’ issues related to management information visualization, sales analysis of markets/products, and the visualization of the global supply and demand metrics.


Globalization demands rapid decision-making in order to ensure a company’s competitive advantage.

To meet this demand, NTT DATA has restructured its operating vision and business roadmaps, creating global BI services*2 that cover established industrial and operational sectors. In addition, the NTT DATA Group launched the BI Global One Team in 2011, creating a global platform for sharing best practices and internal IP.

And with the BI market expected to grow by 8.2%*3 through FY2015, NTT DATA has renewed focus on APAC. In order to facilitate regional growth, NTT DATA has deployed its BI Apps, providing customers with insight into their business through management information visualizations, sales analytics, and supply and demand analysis.


Applications based on industrial and operational areas

BI Apps provide BI solutions including libraries of management dashboards and analysis reports that align with industrial and operational areas. NTT DATA has recently started offering supply chain management (SCM) and enterprise performance management (EPM) for manufacturers, and will continue to expand the solution set.

Use of QlikView leveraging high-performance in-memory associative technology

BI Apps will be built on QlikView, which is an information analysis platform based on in-memory associative technology providing high-speed processing. This allows each user to have their own environment to freely extract, display, search, and analyze necessary information from an enormous amount of data from anywhere. The solution can also be provided using other BI products depending on each customer’s preference.

Provision of demo environment through cloud computing

NTT DATA can provide a cloud based solution environment for BI Apps on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS), which will allow customers to access their data from anywhere in the world. Also, with the inclusion of accumulated, industry specific, cloud based BI case studies, the BI Apps platform will facilitate the discovery of new solutions and gives NTT DATA the ability to provide our customers with solutions for all their business issues.

Future Vision

With the BI Global One Team consisting of a total of 2,300 members, the NTT DATA Group will develop more global business intelligence services by expanding our industrial and operational BI intellectual property.


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