With Japan facing the recent social infrastructure issue of aging infrastructure, NTT DATA developed a solution which remotely monitors bridges in real time to provide valuable information for maintaining bridge structures, and estimating the extent of structural fatigue.

The Cau Can Tho Bridge is one of the largest bridges built on the Mekong delta basin in South-East Asia.The client was looking for a solution to monitor the daily data of the bridge for maintaining the bridge infrastructure.

NTT DATA helped the company by implementing the bridge monitoring system- BRIMOS with the support of ODA (Official Development Assistance) and successfully took the first step to expanding market share in South-East Asia.


  • The Cau Can Tho Bridge is a newly constructed bridge built over the Mekong Delta basin where the foundation is naturally very soft. The client was concerned about the possibility of adverse influences of ground subsidence on the bridge’s foundations (such as unexpected large-scale deformation).
  • The bridge is used by a particularly high number of large vehicles carrying unusually heavy cargo as the logistics industry in vetnam that is still under development.

Developed Solution

  • By extrapolating vehicle weight from warping data, the system also obtains weight information about passing vehicles, one of the primary factors behind damage to highway overpasses. The data collected daily can be used for preventive maintenance as well as for planning maintenance and management, and traffic control.
  • BRIMOS collects weather information, and the comprehensive data collected plays an important role in checking the safety of highway overpasses after natural occurrences such as earthquakes.

Business Benefits

  • As a direct result of using BRIMOs, we were able to monitor the safety of bridges following natural disasters, speeding up the detection of faults and allowing traffic to return to normal circulation in shorter lead-times.
  • The use of BRIMOS helped reduce the manual testing of the usual wear and tear of bridges and the early detection of faults allowed more timely repair work, whilst ensuring public safety.

Client Overview:

Client Company : A state enterprise in Vietnam