SEA considers the Digital Signage (DS) an important channel to deliver information and services to travelers. For that reason, DS infrastructure was considered part of its full digital presence. NTT DATA developed all the platforms for SEA’s digital presence, and provided SEA with a Digital Signage solution based on Solari di Udine Equipment that will help Milan Airport’s Mobility Information System (MA-Mi) for Expo 2015, which will be held in Milan.

E-vehicles are regarded to be a potential catalyst to dramatically change the way we travel today. To promote the adoption of e-mobility in Austria, a user-friendly and ubiquitous charging infrastructure was needed. To that end, leading companies, including NTT DATA, formed a consortium called “BALLADE” (The user-friendly ubiquitous charging station for electric vehicles), and jointly developed a comprehensive concept and a prototype for a sophisticated charging station network.

eMORAIL was a pilot project that aimed to develop an integrated mobility service in Austria: coupling railway and e-vehicles from a single source. By providing the first/last mile mobility access in the form of a shared e-vehicle or e-bike , eMORAIL aimed to improve local citizens’ ability to travel from their homes to their workplace. NTT DATA participated in the pilot project as one of the development partners, and designed and built the integrated platform for eMORAIL.