eMORAIL was a pilot project that aimed to develop an integrated mobility service in Austria: coupling railway and e-vehicles from a single source. By providing the first/last mile mobility access in the form of a shared e-vehicle or e-bike , eMORAIL aimed to improve local citizens’ ability to travel from their homes to their workplace. NTT DATA participated in the pilot project as one of the development partners, and designed and built the integrated platform for eMORAIL.

Project Participants

NTT DATA , ÖBB (Austria’s largest public transportation provider) and 11 other partners.

Project Objectives

For a comprehensive public transport business, it was important to develop resource planning and accounting tools in connection with the very different forms of e-mobility that can be used throughout Austria.

The development goal of this pilot project was to sustainably link e-mobility services and share models in the first / last mile with public transport, through developing offers and services, in order to extend the range of services offered by public transport.

How NTT DATA contributes to the project

NTT DATA along with the other development partners designed the architecture for eMORAIL platform and built/ran it. The platform was an Intelligent, open and easily extensible total mobility platform based on open source technologies, that allowed software interfaces of different mobility providers to be integrated, in order to manage information, reservation and billing for eMORAIL.

Client Overview:

Client Company : Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (Austria)