E-vehicles are regarded to be a potential catalyst to dramatically change the way we travel today. To promote the adoption of e-mobility in Austria, a user-friendly and ubiquitous charging infrastructure was needed. To that end, leading companies, including NTT DATA, formed a consortium called “BALLADE” (The user-friendly ubiquitous charging station for electric vehicles), and jointly developed a comprehensive concept and a prototype for a sophisticated charging station network.

Project Participants

NTT DATA , FH JOHANNEUM, Everynear, EOX, Pavbox Bank and Prolvtic.

Project Objectives and Deliverables

As a research project, BALLADE aimed to develop a prototype innovative, integrated and open end-to-end solution for an e-mobility infrastructure. In order to integrate the entire e-mobility supply-chain, end-user communication, back-office system, authorization, payment and control modules had to be developed.

As project deliverables, the web-based, online-system providing charging station status and a smart grid charging expert system that optimized the usage of green energy and the charging process itself were developed. The BALLADE project earned a high reputation for its user friendly, comfortable and ubiquitous charging infrastructure, and was awarded Austria’s State Prize for Mobility in November 2011.

How NTT DATA contributed to the project

NTT DATA participated as a development and integration partner in this project and its work involved infrastructure design, CRM consulting, system development and the creation of a smart phone client app.

Client Overview:

Client Company : Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (Austria)