SEA considers the Digital Signage (DS) an important channel to deliver information and services to travelers. For that reason, DS infrastructure was considered part of its full digital presence. NTT DATA developed all the platforms for SEA’s digital presence, and provided SEA with a Digital Signage solution based on Solari di Udine Equipment that will help Milan Airport’s Mobility Information System (MA-Mi) for Expo 2015, which will be held in Milan.

Project Objectives

To provide information to arriving passengers for Milan Expo 2015 at Milan’s airports. Providing a digital signage infrastructure integrated with other Expo services, including trains ‘online timetables, highway webcams, airport services advertising video, underground online information and traffic information.

How NTT DATA contributed to the project

With SEA, NTT DATA designed the passenger experience, developed all the platforms for the web, totems, mobile sites, iOs Apps and a new e-commerce site to provide booking & payment services for Parking, Fast Track and VIP Lounges, when SEA renewed its digital presence during 2011. NTT DATA was also involved in developing an ad-hoc infrastructure for MAMi.

Client Overview:

Client Company : Societã Esercizi Aeroportuali (SEA) manages Milan airports including Linate, Milano Malpensa 1 and 2 by supplying all services and related activities, such as the landing and departure of aircraft, airport security management, performance of handling passengers and freight. Together, the airports account for 28 million annual passengers.