Our Vision and Approach to M2M

With Smart Grid and its underlining technologies evolving, the “Smart Community” or “Smart World”, as broader and more advanced views of Smart Grid are taking shape. NTT DATA forecasts that intelligent social infrastructure, primarily supported by machine-to-machine (M2M) autonomous communication, will allow governments and businesses to provide highly advanced, comfortable and seamless services on a real-time basis. To that end, we have developed a wide variety of end-to-end technologies and solutions to support a smarter world, including applications, business intelligence, cloud computing platforms and hardware devices, including sensors. Our approach to M2M is three-fold: specifically Connect, Create, and Contribute.


Connect various devices, such as smart phones, sensors, automobiles, EV battery chargers, and home appliances, to collected various types of data.


Combine the data which is collected and aggregated from a variety of devices to create new value-added information by processing and subsequently analyzing these data using the proprietary method of NTT DATA.


Continue to enhance the functionality of our services and expand our service offerings, and strive to contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of our customers and help them improve their services by orchestrating industry-wide or business-to-business collaborations.

NTT DATA’s “Xrosscloud®” is our flagship M2M total solution and made up of a cloud platform, applications, and consulting services, which enables you to construct M2M systems in less time and with less outlay.


  • Support multi-sensors and multi-devices

    Because we support sensor device interfaces from various manufacturers, we can collect data of many kinds. We also support various protocols.

  • High level of security

    We can securely manage your data in 3 different levels: sensors and devices level, communication route level, and database level. Moreover, in order to act quickly and accurately, both for accident prevention and emergency response to security incidents, we have established CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team).

  • Big Data analysis services based on proven and advanced methodology

    By using the “BICLAVIS®” data analysis methodology which was originally developed by us based on more than 200 business intelligence (BI) consulting cases, our business analytics professionals provide you with analytical services to get new insights of your data.

  • Global Support

    Our global consultants present in more than 40 countries offer local knowhow and expertise. Furthermore, with our global coverage of datacenters and network services, we help our global customers access their data globally. Our services conform to international standards with regard to protocols , data-types, and devices.

  • Leverage our proven technology and know-how

    By leveraging our experience of implementing dozens of M2M systems, we can quickly provide a highly reliable and secure platform. In addition, by utilizing the know-how that we have built up from our experience in building large-scale social infrastructure systems, we help our clients improve their business efficiencies and develop new businesses by orchestrating business-to-business or industry-wide collaborations.