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Quality Assurance and Testing

Improve Software Quality With Intelligent QA

Our testing services give you the confidence you need to evolve with challenging business environments. Robust, tested systems allows you to attack the market and scale your operations, without hesitation or technical mishaps.

The pursuit of quality

Modernisation and digital transformation projects are driving the need for improved software quality. As a result, the goal of QAT is no longer limited to detecting and preventing defects. QAT must ensure that software meets business requirements, delivers a quality user experience, and is free of security vulnerabilities – without delaying time to market. Failure to do so can have a major impact on both the business and the brand.

NTT DATA offers a complete range of testing services to help companies across every industry keep pace with modernisation and transformation projects. Our award-winning accelerators and frameworks, including agile development methodologies, enable customers to adapt to constant business and platform changes, and align test relevance to business operations. The result is more robust software that meets business objectives and improves return on investment.

Our Solutions & Processes


TERASOLUNA is a proprietary framework and development methodology that includes various tools. TERASOLUNA RACTES UT/IT is a tool that improves productivity and quality of Unit Test Case creation and the quality of Integration Test Case list creation.


SDEDO is a testing framework. It’s acronym comes from the 5 stages of testing: strategy, design, execute, deploy, operate, covering whole project lifecycle from the project initiation to user acceptance.


Open2Test is an open source test automation framework developed by NTT DATA that makes possible automate test scripts across many test environments and Test Automation aPpliance (TAP) improve test automation by supporting functional testing tools such as QTP and Selenium.


Recognised in the 2011 Information Week 500 top innovator, QATalyst is a cloud-based software quality assurance solution that reduces performance testing time from months to weeks or days.

Mobile Quality 360

Mobile test automation using Mobile Quality 360 (MQ360) execute a single script for a test scenario on multiple devices using multiple test automation tools – without ever having to revisit or rewrite the script.

Ensure Superior Applications With Comprehensive Testing

Our knowledge, experience, and proven results in Quality assurance spans over 45 years, transforming testing into Software Quality Engineering. NTT DATA offers end-to-end test management expertise across the testing lifecycle, from strategy to execution with deployment models backed by strong delivery methodologies. Key industries include Health Care & Pharmaceutical, Financial & Insurance, Manufacturing, Transportation, Consumer Retail, Communication & Media and Public Sector.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services


  • Process methodologies: V-Model, W-Model, Iterative & Agile.

  • Industry-leading tools for test management, defect management, automation, performance and data quality assurance.

  • Main technologies: SOA, SAP, ERP/CRM, BI, RIA, COTS based Systems.

  • Know-how: Tight integration with internal verticals and strong partnership with major global vendors.

Testing R&D and Innovation

  • Reduced total cost of testing by harnessing Open Source test tools.

  • On-Demand Performance Testing (ODPT).

  • Cloud Service-based test environment.

  • Mobile Test Lab.

  • Partnership with NTT Innovation Institute Inc. - based in Silicon Valley- for next generation testing solutions.

Best Practices

  • Risk-based Testing, Component-based Testing.

  • Requirements & design-based traceability matrix.

  • ROI-based test automation.

  • Cloud enabled testing – performance testing, mobile testing.

  • Decision support metrics and reporting.

  • Unit and integration test automation.

“Our global Quality Assurance and Testing team provides industry domain expertise across banking and financial services, insurance and commercial industries. NTT DATA uses award-winning accelerators and frameworks, including agile development methodologies and intelligent QA.”

NTT DATA has over 16,400 testing professionals globally, more than 40 quality assurance and testing accelerators and many industry-specific solutions