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Application Development and Management

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Our comprehensive portfolio of Application Development and Management services combine technical and business expertise with client insight to develop tailored solutions that deliver value to your business.

Our Solutions

Architecture Strategy and Design

NTT DATA’s IT architects will work closely with you to align your business strategies and supporting technologies. In addition, our application design foundation and technology-neutral approach allow us to provide multiple innovative architectural options that can help you build a lasting, adaptable IT foundation to support continuing growth cost-effectively.

Application Development and System Integration

Our user-centric design approach and lean, agile development accelerates business value of your applications. We exploit the benefits of the latest tools and technology, yet are vendor-agnostic and technology-neutral. The result: improved product quality, more useful functionality, lower cost, and a higher ROI. And our project management approach has earned us client recognition for achieving on-time, within-budget delivery.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Software innovation can help organisations drive growth and respond more swiftly to changing markets. Yet, developing solutions quickly can compromise quality. NTT DATA builds quality into software from the start through our Quality Assurance and Testing services which include performance testing, functional testing, mobile testing and specialised testing, among others.


Application Management and Outsourcing

To drive business growth, applications must deliver value throughout their lifecycles. Our award- winning application management and outsourcing solution (Dynamic Application Management and Outsourcing [DynAMOSM]) uses real business metrics to help you identify short- and long-term innovation opportunities across applications, support services, and technologies. Through continuous measurement and analysis of the entire application and technology portfolio, DynAMOSM enables you to align support activities to current business goals, reduce total cost of ownership, and focus resources on meeting the ever-changing needs of your business.

Legacy Modernisation

Improvements to legacy system performance can have a dramatic effect on business performance and innovation. Our Legacy Modernisation and Transformation services can help you convert or migrate your legacy databases and languages to newer technologies using a highly automated, tools-based approach and a proven structured methodology. This preserves and extends the life of your most valuable applications while providing you with a path toward your technology end state.


NTT DATA can help you embrace the mobile revolution in a secure, controlled, and cost-effective manner. We have a proven track record of working within the telecommunication industry as well as deep experience harnessing mobile platforms for a variety of enterprises to deliver a comprehensive mobility service portfolio that spans from strategy and development to governance, management, and quality assurance.

Online Services

Creating a unified social media, mobile, and web strategy can be extremely challenging from both technological and usability perspectives. NTT DATA provides a unique mix of web strategy, design integration, user experience, and development expertise to develop online solutions that better engage your audience and deliver business results. Our Online Services include portals, user experience optimisation, mobile applications, reputation management, e-commerce strategy, and social media strategy.

Move Your Business Beyond Maximum Speed

To drive business growth, IT organisations need to bring innovation wherever it’s needed - whether to fast-track new initiatives, update legacy systems, or take advantage of new technologies and channels.

NTT DATA has been helping clients innovate across all phases of the application lifecycle for over five decades. Our comprehensive portfolio of Application Development and Management services combine technical and business expertise with client insight to develop tailored solutions to optimise value for your business.

Our vendor-agnostic approach, supported by a robust set of methodologies and frameworks, leverages open source where feasible and maximises your return on investment.

Through an optimal blend of onsite, nearshore, and offshore resources, NTT DATA’s cost-effective delivery and sourcing model balances global reach with local accountability. This ensures flexibility, speed, agility, and delivery excellence regardless of project or geographical complexity. NTT DATA’s commitment to R&D enables us to develop the innovative technologies that help keep your business on the leading edge.

“With over $300 million delivered in IT cost savings for our application development and maintenance customers, along with 30 to 50 percent lower operating costs, we can help guide your journey from concept to transformation.”

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