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Intra-mart BPM

Support business innovation

Orchestrate business decisions, workflow and data processes across the enterprise with Japan’s leading BPM platform.

Maximising continuity across your systems, people and processes

Despite significant investments in technology and innovation, many medium and large businesses continue to rely on manual processes, fragmented enterprise data and siloed applications to manage their daily operations. Achieving continuity across an ever-expanding portfolio of applications and end user touchpoints is no small undertaking, especially when trying to manage new web technologies alongside aging core infrastructure.

NTT DATA business process platform, Intra-mart, provides one common platform delivered for process orchestration and data management, allowing businesses to connect their systems, people and process. Equipped with a suite of workflow and integration tools, Intra-mart helps automate, data-driven system processes across your enterprise application portfolio, helping you to get more out of your existing enterprise technology and data.

Work style renovation with BPM

Intra-mart is a business integration platform that connects with enterprise and web applications for the management of business decisions, workflow and data processing across the enterprise. An earlier innovator in its field, intra-mart featured in Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in Application and Integration Platforms” as early as 2011.

The system is now the leading BPM platform in Japan and is used by over 7,000 companies and 200 partners in Japan and APAC. A crucial advantage of the platform is its visual programming language and low-code configuration – which enables business processes and system architecture to be re-engineered and with relative ease, efficiency and cost. Intra-mart has been adapted to various industries from insurance and financial services, to manufacturing and retail.

Business context

The rapid growth of web technology has accelerated disruption, increased customer expectations and brought about a constant state of change. Rigid applications and siloed organisational data are no match for the ‘anywhere, anytime’ demands of the modern consumer.

Drivers of change:

  • Proliferation of new media, devices and applications deployed over the web
  • Multiple channels to manage and engage customers and stakeholders
  • Complex integration and data aggregation requirements of mixed application portfolios including on-premise, SaaS, SOA or legacy applications
  • Frenetic and competitive business / technology climate

Intra-mart transforms complexity into opportunity – by providing a common technology platform that complements and extends your existing business systems.

Core functions:

  • System integration
  • Business rules management
  • Workflow orchestration
  • Document management
  • Data validation and mapping
  • Master data management
  • Micro-services management

Benefits delivered:

  • Agile, low-code environment for implementing new business process
  • Automation of business decisions from multi-source data
  • Reduction time and cost of re-engineering systems and processes
  • Extensibility of core systems through integrated microservices
  • Affordable and incremental alternative for legacy system modernisation

Integration and data management

Intra-mart is capable of monitoring and transacting with multiple business systems and API environments concurrently, connecting on-premise, SaaS, SOA, enterprise and legacy systems.


  • Plug-in connectors for SAP, SalesForce, Oracle and Microsoft
  • Java application development framework
  • Web services integration (REST / SOAP)
  • Data collection, validation and mapping
  • API gateway management

Streamline workflow, data capture and business rules

From basic data entry to complex business logic, intra-mart facilitates seamless automation of routine business processes and decisions across the enterprise. The solution’s rules engine provides constant monitoring of multi-source data feeds and enables business rules to be configured without coding and run in a low runtime production environment. Workflow and business rules management is particularly helpful for organisations faced with high volume, repetitive and standardised processes. By systemising such processes businesses have achieved significant cost savings, faster service delivery and improved error rates.

Relevant usage cases examples include:

  • Benefits determination for public services
  • Eligibility determination for promotions for customer loyalty programs
  • Customer segmentation and tailored product offerings
  • Insurance claims streaming and policy calculation
  • Compliance management and corporate governance

Using intra-mart’s visual programming language means workflow can be orchestrated without coding – enabling business users to design and implement decision trees, sequential flows and routing decisions for forms, emails, documents and operational tasks.

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“Intra-mart helps automate, data-driven system processes across your enterprise application portfolio, helping you to get more out of your existing enterprise technology and data.”

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