Smart Glasses

Remote work support system with smart glasses

“ We can never get enough skilled workers. In order to maintain the quality of work and train inexperienced employees, a remote operations support system that utilizes smart glasses was invented.

Our system with smart glasses enables a skilled engineer to understand the situation an inexperienced engineer is facing and give exact directions.

NTT DATA Group promotes the use of the smart glasses in the medical construction fields. ”

What we are doing

Remote fieldwork, such as IT system maintenance, often requires multiple workers in different locations to ensure quality.

This can lead to higher operating costs and lost productivity.

To address these issues, NTT DATA has developed a remote operations support system using smart glasses.

With this system, remote workers can receive the information they need to complete tasks including instructions and manuals through a smart glasses’ display.

 By sharing the images, videos, and sounds from these displays in real time with a supervisor in a different location, any problems that arise during the work can be addressed immediately.

A feature to mark or add comments on shared images provides accurate additional instructions.

The system enables on-site workers and remote workers to interact as if they are in the same place at the same time.

Foresight smart glasses
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