TT06 Computer Power Evolution

The inexhaustible demand for computing power is being tackled through a combination of new, denser chips and application-specific architectures. To solve power requirements additional new materials like carbon nanotubes, and approaches like photonics and neuromorphic architectures are also being investigated and introduced.


The need for computing power combined with the insatiable use of AI capabilities will not only help technology to continue improving, but also generate additional technologies for completely new IT infrastructures.

AI's accuracy increases as it learns more data and it computes more volumes. This attribute of AI continues to strain the computer power of existing IT infrastructures. Responding to this necessity are advancements in miniaturization technology for semiconductors and the development of processors specialized for individual processing purposes such as learning and extrapolation by AI. However, there are large obstacles that must be overcome such as the level of technological difficulty as well as increased costs and huge power consumption requirements.

Meanwhile, research and development of some completely new IT infrastructure technologies are beginning to show positive results including a power-saving, high-efficiency processor that imitates the human brain, new semiconductor material and the comprehensive use of optical communication.

What is interesting is the fact that service providers are engaging in such high-risk investments like the development of specialized processors and new IT infrastructures to improve their competitive edge. In the future, important decisions must be made regarding the strategic use of alternative IT infrastructures in business.

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