Values Week

Values Week brings together all NTT DATA colleagues from around the world to discuss how we can incorporate our values into our work. 

What is Values Week?

NTT DATA Values Week is an annual event coinciding with our Corporate Foundation Day on May 23. It is designed to communicate our thoughts, experiences and practices of learning and embracing our three core values Clients First, Foresight and Teamwork for uniting our more than 118,000 employees in over 50 countries.

Values Week provides a chance for employees to consider more about our group vision and values, leading to value sharing across NTT DATA.  

Our goal is to ensure that all employees - regardless of where we live or what language we speak - internalize our common vision and our core values of Clients First, Foresight, and Teamwork. As a result, we can achieve optimal performance in our day-to-day professional lives.
By putting our Clients First, leveraging Foresight, and embracing Teamwork, we will ultimately realize our vision of being a Trusted Global Innovator.


“Our three core values: Clients First, Foresight, Teamwork unite our employees across 50+ countries.”

What we do in Values Week?

During Values Week we hold workshops to unite and align the team around our three values – Clients First, Foresight, and Teamwork.

Values Week brings together all colleagues from around the world to discuss how we can incorporate these values into our daily lives with interactive discussions and workshops. It includes real-life case studies from across the globe where the teams have applied our core values to achieve NTT DATA’s highest goals and aspirations.

Vision and values are the glue that binds individuals and activities to a common, unifying goal. They are the principles that provide a guide to help us when faced with various decisions. 
Values Week provides our colleagues with numerous opportunities to bring our vision and values to life through the power of shared experiences. Eventually, we aim to raise awareness so that all 118,000+ NTT DATA employees recognize and internalize our vision and values.

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