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Anna Ng Peck Fong

FSI Solution Lead


Anna Ng lives in Singapore with her husband and family. She has been in the technology industry since 1995 in various roles in teaching and finance. She loves a challenge and learning new things and so she decided to join NTT DATA in 2019 as a Solution Architect. It’s a job that is traditionally occupied by men, so she gets some satisfaction in being a trailblazer in this industry. In her free time, she enjoys taking raw ingredients or materials and making something special from them, so to that end she has a passion for baking and cooking. It’s her ambition to open her own café when she retires from regular working life.

Providing great solutions and improving efficiency through technology. 

Tell us about an interesting project.

A Solution Architect solves problems. In my case I talk with a client about a particular problem, discuss the available technology and come up with a solution that helps with their business. There was one such problem I encountered in the Financial Services Industry where a client which was about Customer Notification Preferences. We decided to change the way the bank communicates with its customers by re-engineering their platform.

It was interesting for me because it was the first big engagement I had at NTT DATA, working as a manager on the project, after only a month of being in the company. Also, the solution really does provide an excellent opportunity for the client to grow its pool of customers, while providing the customers with much better service and communication. I was very proud that I was involved in such a great solution.

Describe a regular working day.

I manage a team of nine people, who are involved in creating technical solutions for the problems that clients face. However, I also get involved with the business side of things in some projects, which gives me a good balance between technology and sales work. This means that my work is quite varied, which suits me very much. I spend my days having meetings either with current or prospective clients or internally with my team to brainstorm technology solutions. I additionally, have meetings with vendors because sometimes we partner with other companies to provide solutions that aren’t the specialty of our company.

To do my work well, I like to be in the office. For me it's the best place to have ad hoc meetings and to quickly and efficiently get to solutions that we can present to the clients. So, the office environment for me is critical to get my job done effectively.

What's great about NTT DATA?

One of the most important aspects of life at NTT DATA is the opportunity I have to grow. Initially I was recruited to work with Financial Services clients, but I have been able to branch out into other sectors and learn about new industries on the job. These days I am able to work well with Health Services companies too.

In essence, I would describe my experience of working at NTT DATA as like being given a blank sheet of paper and having the scope to draw whichever picture I like that suits my career and of course the company’s business needs. I hadn’t encountered this level of trust and respect before, and it’s an aspect of the culture here that really drives me to be excited to do a good job.

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