ehCOS SmartICU -Improving the accuracy of clinical decisions in the ICU

The perfect help to accurately and safely care for the critical patient, with optimizing the resources of the ICU

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In the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) where critically ill patients are treated, time is life. Saving health professionals' time, improving monitoring and assessment of real-time data in the ICU often lead to saving more lives. Medical professionals analyze the data collected while monitoring ICU patients’ vital signs using advanced equipment to provide the best possible care for the patient. It requires a lot of specially trained ICU doctors and nurses to make this extremely time-consuming process work.
In order to solve this issue and improve clinical decision-making in the ICU, NTT DATA and everis successfully developed a smart ICU solution in 2016, ehCOS SmartICU. This solution doesn’t only analyze patient data in real-time but also provides essential training for young health professionals.

“ Clinical findings show that early medical intervention can lead to effective recoveries for ICU patients suffering from life-threatening illnesses or external injuries. - Dr. Tsuyoshi Kitani, EVP at NTT DATA - ”

The Challenge of Data Management in the ICU

In medicine, patient monitoring systems are a critical tool for the observation of patients. A critically ill patient, even in stable condition, produces data every second. The amount of data collected from each patient makes extremely difficult for health professionals to process or analyze all of the clinical data and biosignals that are collected from devices and carriers of disintegrated data. ehCOS SmartICU was developed by NTT DATA, everis, Andalusian Health Service and Virgen del Rocio University Hospital in Seville, who shared the same vision: Improve the accuracy of clinical decision-making.
Our solution is a clinical-protocol-based system that doesn’t only analyze a large amount of data with Big Data Analytics technology in real-time but also visualize it. By integrating and analyzing patient’s medical history and latest vital signs, ehCOS SmartICU grants health professionals time to carefully decide on the best care to avoid complications. Our Smart ICU system collects, organizes and analyzes real-time patient data quickly and easily. Only a few hours of training is required for new users to start integrating it into their daily workflow.
The system includes an automated and standardized process for capturing patient data from biomedical equipment from different vendors, electronic health records, laboratories, etc., to reduce the risk of error. Predicting a potential complication hours before an event and then sending early alerts to medical professionals’ mobile devices can contribute to the improvement in treatment protocols as it optimizes the resources of the ICU.

“ ehCOS SmartICU has already been implemented in four intensive care units of the hospital, where 224 healthcare professionals have treated 762 patients with its help. ”


ehCOS SmartICU was pilot-tested in 2016 at the Virgen del Rocio University Hospital in Seville, Spain. The results showed more than 10% reduction in time spent managing clinical information. We believe that managing continuous transmission of patient data leads to accurate clinical decision-making and priority-setting in the ICU patient’s care.

Our system allows it with maximum efficiency and reliability so that changes in the patients’ condition can be immediately addressed. This unmissable feature was made possible by a combination of Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology built by NTT DATA. ehCOS SmartICU already contributes to improving the quality of health care in EMEA region. The expansion of this service is expected not only EMEA but also North America and Latin America region and the world in the future.