Research and Development

We are committed to technology development and service

creation that anticipates changes in the business environment.

“Based on recent trends, NTT DATA Group have been conducting research and development of services and products utilizing technologies focused on AI and IoT for several years. Our R&D highly value the co-creation with our clients and we, along with our clients, have been conducting a lot of proof-of-concept tests.”

Our Laboratories

You can experience the latest and most advanced technologies while having a discussion of future with experts and discover NTT DATA Technology Foresight trends at our laboratories located around the world.

Focus on


Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology to overlay digital information to the real world. Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology to provide a sense of immersion. Although both technologies are mainly used in the entertainment area, we expect them to be used in a wide range of industry such as tourism, events, promotion, architecture, interior design and healthcare in the near future.

2 AI

With recent advancements in Deep Learning technology, the use of AI has become easier. The rapid expansion of AI in a wide variety of situations in our daily life and business is foreseen. AI is currently expanding mainly with image recognition and speech recognition technologies, further progress such as realizing mechanisms for understanding the meaning.

3 IoT

The progress of sensor technologies makes it possible to understand almost all the environmental data. Massive data transmitted from sensors processed by computers, especially with AI technology, make possible to have sensing capability beyond human ability. It is expected to apply IoT technologies to a wide variety of cases such as autonomous driving and robots.

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