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Analyzing driver's bio-info during IndyCar races with smart shirt

“ In the era of wearable technologies, wearable devices for sports and fitness are becoming more sophisticated and multifunctional. NTT DATA Group develops advanced a wearable device, called “hitoe”, which collects vital signs of professional athletes to understand their body movement. By using this information, sports beginners can imitate professionals’ play style and learn quickly. ”

What we are doing

NTT DATA has been developing a new technology to analyze wearer’s biological information using a smart shirt incorporating “hitoe”, a functional material that acts as a sensor.

As a specific experiment, a series of tests were conducted during IndyCar Series races where cars reach speeds up to 235 mph (approx. 378 kph) and drivers are required to show advanced driving techniques in very tense situation.

NTT DATA first gathered electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate and electromyogram (EMG) data from the driver who was wearing the “hitoe” smart shirt.

We then analyzed this biological information, combined with other data from the vehicle, to successfully visualize the veteran driver‘s driving technique.

This data is analyzed further to enhance driving performance and improve training.

NTT DATA also continues to work on developing new services that leverage this technology in healthcare and other areas.

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