IST01 Individual-Centered Design

The power of the individual continues to grow. Technological advancements have increased our ability to analyze people and objects with extreme precision, enabling personalization of services, products and organizations. Continuous and rapid improvement of human-centered design that deeply focuses on the individual is imperative to expand future business opportunities and improve society.


Advancements in technology and its social permeation, as typified by the internet, have garnered various types of power and influence by individuals. Delivery of messages by people through social networks has connected society to the extent that it has had unprecedented political and social impact. In an age where technology helps create environments amenable to individual-centered activities, new-skill acquisition and increased expertise, the broadening power of the individual may be a natural consequence.

Advancements in cutting-edge technologies, especially those in AI, are creating new flows of information and the informatization of things is becoming a reality. As a result, we can now understand individual intentions more clearly, capturing changes at shorter time intervals and identifying event flows in more detailed ways. This trend also accelerates the speed at which thoughts and actions support individual-centered activities.

Personalization has become an important priority. Shifting our focus to the individual's perspective results in new ideas and challenges, which in turn leads to accelerated innovation. The use of AI lets us extract personal attributes and positions individuals as critical resources to spearhead social and business development. If we can identify individual attributes and special skills and find opportunities to leverage this expertise, individuals will increase their sense of achievement, mission and happiness. In the age of increased individual power, individual-centered design becomes critical to develop society and expand business. Use of technologies to assist in this type of design are now being pursued rapidly.

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