IST03 Forge New Norms

Technology is permeating society at an unprecedented rate rendering traditional norms obsolete. Conventional standards must be transformed to keep pace with innovation. It is essential to forge, shape and nurture new norms that can adapt rapidly to changes in societal and business environments to achieve a sustainable society.


Technology is expanding business by providing services best suited for individuals, enhancing health, solving global issues and delivering countless other benefits. It is also creating a world in which social activity is more accessible, supporting personal growth and a sense of purpose in life. However, amid rapid social changes triggered by advancements in technology, unforeseen challenges are arising that cannot be solved based on traditional norms and values.

While the internet has resulted in a world in which everyone can share knowledge, it has also created a society where we cannot ignore the reality of inequalities resulting from poverty, starvation and lack of education. For example, discrimination can be reinforced due to bias in learning data and false information shared via fake videos. Over-universalization of technology may also create a social divide as a result of a disparity in technological literacy. As the definition of society itself changes to one that presupposes the use of technology, enhancement of technological literacy will become a prominent social issue.

In recent years, technological inventions have dramatically shortened actual time-to-market. This is resulting in a delay in establishing the rules and norms required to apply a specific technology to society, the evaluation of its impact on everyday life and the development of ways to solve the expected issues. We need a way to shorten the time lag between technological advancements and the establishment of associated norms to solve issues arising during the cycle time.

Now is the time for a convergence of global wisdom as we are at the vortex of technological change. To make our future society sustainable, we must resolve potential issues that result from advancements in technology. Should we impose restrictions or defer to ethical solutions? We must solve these global, social challenges to avoid a potential breakdown of society. Exploration of new norms with the addition of technology, coupled with coordinated efforts between technology makers and users, will be necessary to ensure the sustainability of humankind.

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