TT02 Coexistence with AI

AI presently coexists within society. In daily life, numerous individuals use AI and rely and benefit from its capability. Addressing issues such as an explanation of specific results, establishment of quality standards, prevention of discrimination and countermeasures for vulnerability, are essential for continued acceptance and progress.


Technologies are being developed to broaden the scope of AI making it easier to use. At the same time, the issues created by increased accessibility to AI must be recognized and solved.

Tools that make using AI easier are improving significantly. An internet connection is all that is needed to access free tools to learn and use AI today. Special devices, software and practical knowledge are all accessible online. Future-focused, technological development is currently underway that will assist AI in acquiring knowledge and making judgments the way people do in their daily work and lives.

However, in an emerging society with human-AI coexistence, issues are certain to proliferate stemming from AI attributes. Efforts will also increase to address problematic cases of its use that create unexpected discrimination, fail to explain outputs and unrecognize certain kinds of computer attacks.

Furthermore, in contrast to rapid technological advancement and popularization, neither the criteria for judging the good and bad of AI itself, nor the critical issues to consider when using it, are yet to be completely determined. This will likely become a pressing task as we translate the fledgling principles of AI use into concrete action guidelines.

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